Grails Goodness: Using Groovy SQL

In a previous post we learned how we can use Hibernate native SQL queries in our Grails application. We can also execute custom SQL with Groovy SQL. We must create a new instance of groovy.sql.Sql in our code to execute SQL code. The easiest way is to use a javax.sql.DataSource as a constructor argument for the groovy.sql.Sql class. In a Grails application context we already have a DataSource and we can use it to inject it into our code. We must use the name dataSource to reference the default datasource in a Grails application.

In the following sample we invoke a custom query (for Firebird) using Groovy SQL. Notice we define a property dataSource in the Grails service PersonService and Grails will automatically inject a DataSource instance.

We can even make the groovy.sql.Sql instance a Spring bean in our Grails application. Then we can inject the Sql instance in for example a Grails service. In grails-app/conf/spring/resources.groovy we define the Sql bean:

Now we can rewrite our previous sample and use the bean groovySql:

Code written with Grails 2.3.7.

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