Grails Goodness: Extending IntegrateWith Command

We can extend the integrate-with command in Grails to generate files for a custom IDE or build system. We must add a _Events.groovy file to our Grails projects and then write an implementation for the eventIntegrateWithStart event. Inside the event we must define a new closure with our code to generate files. The name of the closure must have the following pattern: binding.integrateCustomIdentifier. The value for CustomIdentifier can be used as an argument for the integrate-with command.

Suppose we want to extend integrate-with to generate a simple Sublime Text project file. First we create a template Sublime Text project file where we define folders for a Grails application. We create the folder src/ide-support/sublimetext and add the file grailsProject.sublimetext-project with the following contents:

Next we create the file scripts/_Events.groovy:

We are done and can now run the integrate-with command with the new argument sublimeText:

If we open the project in Sublime Text we see our folder structure for a Grails application:

Code written with Grails 2.3.7.

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