The Gradle Java plugin extends the Base plugin and provides the tasks needed to build a Java (or Kotlin) project. They resemble the Maven build phases for those familiar with Maven. See also Migrating Builds From Apache Maven - Understanding the build lifecycle However, the output from Gradle generally is very different than that of Maven, usually more concise. This is not always what you want. Below you will find some nice commands, options, and configurations that can make the output to the console more complete (a bit more like Maven). This can be particularly helpful when building in a pipeline (eg. GitLab, GitHub, etc.), in which case log files and build reports are usually less or not available. Most of the time all you have is the output to standard out, in which case you would like it to be as complete as possible, specially when the build fails.

Commands and options

Do not overwrite output

Use the --console option for that, eg.:

gradle --console=verbose test

Run a single test

Single test method:

gradle <module>:test --tests <>.<>

Single test class:

gradle <module>:test --tests <>

NB. Module is aka. subproject.


Add the following code to your build.gradle.

For the structure of a build.gradle file see also Build script structure

To see all dependencies

To see the dependencies of a single module use:

gradle -q dependencies


gradle -q <module>:dependencies

To see them for all modules:

// To see all dependencies: gradle printAllDependencies
// See also
allprojects {
    task printAllDependencies(type: DependencyReportTask) {}

Better logging from tests

subprojects {
    test {
        testLogging {
            events "failed"
            exceptionFormat "full"

If you do not want to use subprojects see Sharing Build Logic between Subprojects.

Summarize failing tests at end of build

allprojects {
    // add a collection to track failedTests
    ext.failedTests = []

    // add a testlistener to all tasks of type Test
    tasks.withType(Test) {
        afterTest { TestDescriptor descriptor, TestResult result ->
            if (result.resultType == org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.TestResult.ResultType.FAILURE) {
                failedTests << ["${descriptor.className}::${}"]

    // print out tracked failed tests when the build has finished
    gradle.buildFinished {
        if (!failedTests.empty) {
            println "Failed tests for ${}:"
            failedTests.each { failedTest ->
                println failedTest
            println ""

Show all tasks

gradle tasks [--all]

Show task graph

plugins {
    id "com.dorongold.task-tree" version "2.1.1"


gradle <task 1>...<task N> taskTree


gradle build taskTree