Web-components like AngularJS directives

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Richard Rijnberk

As you may already know web components consist out of a set of technologies which are combined to create a custom element for use in your HTML markup. The main additions, as described in several blogposts, are HTML imports, Shadow Dom and Templates combined with isolated scripts and styling. (If these concepts are new to you i suggest you read up on web components at This blog post has a living example on If we look at Angular it already supports html imports and isolated scripts through it's directive approach. This means we can already create custom components by using directives. The downside of this approach however is that there is no true isolation of markup and styling. Meaning both markup and styling may be inadvertently influenced by an outside source. Let's start with a basic directive and template:

angular.module('', ['component.api'])
.directive('simpleDirective', function() {
    return {
      restrict: 'E',
      replace: false,
      templateUrl: 'template.html',
      transclude: true,
      scope: {
        dynamic: '='
      link: function($scope, element) {
        // your code here

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