Stateless Spring Security Part 1: Stateless CSRF protection

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Robbert van Waveren

Today with a RESTful architecture becoming more and more standard it might be worthwhile to spend some time rethinking your current security approaches. Within this small series of blog posts we'll explore a few relatively new ways of solving web related security issues in a Stateless way. This first entry is about protecting your website against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).

CSRF attacks are based on lingering authentication cookies. After being logged in or otherwise identified as a unique visitor on a site, that site is likely to leave a cookie within the browser. Without explicitly logging out or otherwise removing this cookie, it is likely to remain valid for some time. Another site can abuse this by having the browser make (Cross-Site) requests to the site under attack. For example including some Javascript to make a POST to "" will have the browser make that request, attaching any (authentication) cookies still active for that domain to the request! Even though the Single-Origin Policy (SOP) does not allow the malicious site read access to any part of the response. As probably clear from the example above, the harm is already be done if the requested URL triggers any side-effects (state changes) in the background.

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