Expandable list component for AngularJS (1.5)

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Richard Rijnberk

For several of my projects I required a list where input items could be dynamically added and removed. Because i saw uses for this over and over i created a component which i'm sharing with you here. The component ended up like the code below. Where i used a template generation function in order to create the ul and li elements. I'm using the angular.element function to create nodes as a method of preference.

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Easy installation of Karma (Testacular) test runner on Windows

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Emil van Galen

NOTE: this post was written for Karma 0.8 which required a manual installation of PhantomJS.
However this blog post is still relevant for installing the NodeJS and NPM pre-requisites.
As of 0.10 both PhantomJS and Chrome will be automatically installed by the launcher plugins.
Installation instructions for Karma 0.10 can be found here (a "Local installation" is preferred).
Furthermore instructions on how to install plugins (introduced as of 0.10) can be found here.

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