Register your Avro Schemas in Production with Schema Registry Maven Plugin

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Tim te Beek

Apache Kafka is often used together with Confluent Schema Registry, as the schema registry allows you to store and retrieve your Avro, JSON Schema and Protobuf schemas for Kafka message (de)serialization. By storing a versioned history of schemas for topic values, with configurable enforced compatibility, you ensure producers and consumers can continue to exchange compact serialized messages even as schemas evolve.

By default, client applications automatically register new schemas. If they produce new messages to a new topic, then they will automatically try to register new schemas. This is very convenient in development environments, but in production environments we recommend that client applications do not automatically register new schemas. Best practice is to register schemas outside of the client application to control when schemas are registered with Schema Registry and how they evolve.
— On-Premises Schema Registry Tutorial
On Auto Schema Registration

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