Building a Magic Mirror

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Justus Brugman

Now it’s time for something completely different. Lately I’ve been watching some great videos from Matthew Perks, he has a YouTube channel called DIY Perks. This inspired me to pick up my own little project to create our own Magic Mirror.

Well, there is not so much magic going around here. A better name would be a Smart Mirror. Basically it is nothing more than a monitor behind a double-sided mirror, powered by for example a Raspberry Pi. A double-sided mirror is not a regular mirror, but it’s reflecting coating has about 70% reflection and 25% light transmission. So if you place the 'glass' on a dark surface, you would see just a mirror. When you however put a light source behind it, you’re able to see through it. If you put a black page on the monitor, add some widgets on them, they seem to be part of the mirror’s reflection. A Magic Mirror is a great and simple example of an 'internet of things' device.

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