Spicy Spring: Using Groovy Configuration As PropertySource

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Hubert Klein Ikkink

We have many ways to provide configuration properties to a Spring (Boot) application. We can add our own custom configuration properties format. For example we can use Groovy's ConfigObject object to set configuration properties. We need to read a configuration file using ConfigSlurper and make it available as a property source for Spring. We need to implement two classes and add configuration file to support a Groovy configuration file in a Spring application.

First we need to write a class that extends the PropertySource in the package org.springframework.core.env. This class has methods to get property values based on a given key. There are already some subclasses for specific property sources. There is for example also a MapPropertySource class. We will extend that class for our implementation, because we can pass our flattened ConfigObject and rely on all existing functionality of the MapPropertySource class:

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