Containerization: Is it the solution that solves your DevOps issues?

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Justus Brugman

Nowadays you can’t walk into an IT department without hearing discussions about containerization. Should we move to OpenStack or OpenShift? Do we want to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry? What about Docker Swarm or Kubernetes? How to integrate our new kubernetes cluster into our CI/CD pipelines?

Keep in mind that DevOps using unmanaged infra adds an extra layer of complexity to the development teams. In the end, you might save money on an Ops team, but the tasks still need to be executed, leaving the work for the development team. As an example, when you create some new code, make a pull-request, the CI/CD pipeline kicks in to automatically build your code, perform (unit) tests, deploy to the next environment, etc. When an error occurs, the pull request would be rejected, leaving the developer to fix any possible issues, even infra.

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