Awesome Asciidoc: Changing Highlight.js Theme

Asciidoctor is a great tool for writing technical documentation. If we have source code in the Asciidoc markup we can set the document attribute source-highlighter to pigments, coderay, prettify and highlightjs. When we use highlight.js we can also add an extra document attribute highlightjs-theme with the value of a highlight.js theme. If we do not specify the highlightjs-theme the default theme github is used.

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Awesome Asciidoc: Using Conditional Directives

In Asciidoc markup we can include or exclude text based on the existence of document attributes or based on the value of a document attribute. Therefore we use the macros ifdef, ifndef and ifeval. If we want to include some content if the document attribute sample is set we can use the following syntax:

If we want to include some content if the attribute is not set we use ifndef:

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Awesome Asciidoc: Include Only Certain Lines from Included Files

In a previous post we learned how to include partial content from included files. We needed to enclose the content we want to include between start and end tags and reference those tags in our documentation markup. But Andres Almiray already mentioned in a tweet we can use line numbers as well:

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