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Game Development in Java

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Johan Kragt

In my early days as a software developer I worked at a small game studio. This was back in the days when ActionScript and Flash were still a thing.

At JCore during Corona times we’ve spent part of the JCore Fast Track looking at game development in Unity3D and the Unreal engine. These engines work on C#/JavaScript and C++ respectively.

Nowadays the language I’m most comfortable with is Java. A little while ago I was wondering whether it would be possible to create a game in Java.

Of course almost all languages support some sort of drawing, so technically the answer would be a straight yes. Modern engines and libraries offer support for OpenGL rendering and provide a lot of tools out of the box.

Though there are 3D engines for Java I’ll be focusing on a 2D game, mostly because the complexity of 3D and its assets makes creating anything resembling a 3D game a daunting task.

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