Experiences at Google IO 2016

From May 18-20 myself and Richard attended the Google IO 2016 conference. We both visited different tracks and have some different experiences we’d like to share. Here are mine. Read on about topics in the likes of VR, Progressive Web Apps, and Artificial Intelligence. For a quick impression have a look at the photo album.

Google CEO Pichai during Google IO keynote at the Amfitheater
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Mission to Mars follow up

Last week I presented my talk ‘MISSION TO MARS: EXPLORING NEW WORLDS WITH AWS IOT’ at IoT Tech Day 2016 and it was great fun! In the presentation I showed how to build a small robot and control it over MQTT messaging via Amazons IoT platform. The room was packed and the demo went well too.


I promised to share some info about it on my blog so here we are. I’ve composed a shopping list and a collection of useful links:
Mission to Mars – Shopping list
Mission to Mars – Useful links

The original presentation is available here:

So what’s next? I should publish my Pi robot and Mission Control Center web client code on github. Maybe I’ll extend the python code for controlling the mBot over a serial connection and make a proper library for it. Will keep you updated…