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Practical intro to Java LTS upgrade (11 to 17)

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Thomas de Groot

As of the release of Java 17 a new LTS has been available, but what is in it for me exactly and which features can I use during projects?
Most of the blogs I read only describe 1 version upgrade and also discuss a lot of features that are/were still in preview.
I decided to summarize which features are released from java 11 to 17 (one LTS to another) and in specific only those that I thought could be interesting during my everyday work as a Java developer.
So in this blog I wont be talking about the features that are in Preview or tools that came with the new JDK’s.

Helpful NullpointerExceptions

You love to hate them, NullpointerExceptions…​ But they got a little better because from now on the exception will tell which variable is the culprit. And I know, the best NullpointerException is no NullpointerException at all, but still once they occur they better tell what’s wrong.

This feature has been released since Java 14, in Java 15 they made the extra information about which file/line had caused the error as default.

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