Adding custom HTML attributes to your AngularJS web app

AngularJS is an excellent JavaScript web framework offering so-called “directives” to ‘teach’ HTML some new tricks. Examples of built-in AngularJS directives are:

  • “ngView”: defines the placeholder for rending views
  • “ngModel”: binds scope properties to “input”, “select” and “text” elements
  • “ngShow” / “ngDisabled”: for showing or disabling an element based on the result of an expressions

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AngularJS made me stop hiding from JavaScript

Like most Java developers I used to have a serious aversion to JavaScript.
I was quite happy to delegate any ‘scripting’ stuff to fellow developers.

At my current project, we initially decided to use the Vaadin web framework.
It seemed the perfect choice for creating Rich Internet Application (RIA) user-interfaces without writing a single line of JavaScript.

However what originally seemed to be a sensible choice, turned out to be a dead-end:
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