Spocklight: Assign Multiple Data Variables from Provider

We can write data driven tests with Spock. We can specify for example a data table or data pipes in a where: block. If we use a data pipe we can specify a data provider that will return the values that are used on each iteration. If our data provider returns multiple results for each row we can assign them immediatelly to multiple variables. We must use the syntax [var1, var2, var3] < < providerImpl to assign values to the data variables var1, var2 and var3. We know from Groovy the multiple assignment syntax with parenthesis ((var1, var2, var3)), but with Spock we use square brackets.

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Tasty Test Tip: Test final and static methods with PowerMock and Mockito

Two of the most famous mocking frameworks EasyMock and Mockito, don’t offer out of the box support for mocking final and static methods.

It is often said on forums that “you don’t want that” or “your code is badly designed” etc. Well this might be true some of the time, but not all of the time. Continue reading