Grails Goodness: Creating A Fully Executable Jar

With Grails 3 we can create a so-called fat jar or war file. To run our application we only have to use java -jar followed by our archive file name and the application starts. Another option is to create a fully executable jar or war file, which adds a shell script in front of the jar or war file so we can immediately run the jar or war file. We don’t have to use java -jar anymore to run our Grails application. The fully executable JAR file can only run on Unix-like systems and it is ready to be used as service using init.d or systemd.

To create a fully executable jar file for our Grails application we must add the following lines to our build.gradle file:

Next we execute the Gradle assemble task to create the fully executable archive:

We can find the executable archive file in the build/libs directory. Suppose our Grails application is called grails-full-executable-jar and has version 0.1 we can execute the jar file grails-full-executable-jar-0.1.jar:

The launch script that is prepended to the archive file can be changed by defining a new launch script with the springBoot property embeddedLaunchScript. The default launch script that is used has some variable placeholders we can change using the embeddedLaunchScriptProperties property. For example the launch script can determine if the script is used to run the application standalone or as a Linux/Unix service and will act accordingly. We can also set the mode property to service so it will always act like a Linux/Unix service. Furthermore we can set some meta information for the launch script with several properties. To learn more about the different options see the Spring Boot documentation.

After we have recreated the archive file we can check the launch script that is created:

Written with Grails 3.1.8.

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