So what to take away from the SpringOne 2012 conference? The overall theme of this conference is the changing world we as developer find ourselves in. As we all know the world of software development is always evolving at a rapid pace. This evolution always leads to changes in requirements and new solutions to breach the gap. In some cases these evolutions require a new way of thinking. The essence of this SpringOne is about the latter. The current evolution is driven by:

  • increases in data quantity
  • the explosion of browser enabled devices
  • the request for higher quality of service (an application needs to be able to survive outage of a data center)
  • near real time delivery of contextual information and social integration in frontends.

The combination of these new demands and requirements leads us to a so-called paradigm shift. These problems cannot be solved with past (or current) architecture. So we need to look at our applications in a new way. Building and modularizing them to account for scalability because that seems to be the answer to the questions asked. We need to start thinking in federations to persist information across cloud instances. Size and package application modules so they can be scaled separately. At his SpringOne conference the tools and the methods needed to do this were show cased. Adrian Colyer’s keynote on day two gives us a good idea of what Spring offers to help us cope with these changes and as always make our life easier. You can view the full keynote here: or download the sheets: As for some examples of tools that help you deal with these impending changes check out the VMware en SpringSource projects below: