Groovy adds a lot of extra methods to the File object to work with the contents or find and filter files in a directory. These methods are now also added to the java.nio.file.Path class since Groovy 2.3.

import java.nio.file.*

final Path newFile = Paths.get('output.txt')
if (Files.exists(newFile)) {

// Different ways to add content.
newFile.write 'START'
newFile.write System.getProperty('line.separator')
newFile << 'Just a line of text'
newFile.withWriterAppend { writer ->
    writer.println 'END'

// Read contents.
final Path readFilePath = Paths.get('output.txt')

assert readFilePath.readLines().join(';') == 'START;Just a line of text;END'
assert readFilePath.filterLine { it.contains('text') }.toString().normalize() == 'Just a line of text\n'

// Work with Path objects,
// like with File GDK extensions with
// eachFile, eachDir, eachFileRecursive...
final Path root = Paths.get('.')
def paths = root.eachFileMatch(~/.*\.txt$/) {
    assert it.toFile().name == 'output.txt'

Code written with Groovy 2.3.

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