Groovy Goodness: Use Sortable Annotation to Make Classes Comparable

Since Groovy 2.3 we can use the @Sortable annotation to make a class implement the Comparable interface. Also new comparator methods are added. All properties of a class are used to implement the compareTo method. The order of the properties determines the priority used when sorting. With the annotation parameters includes and excludes we can define which properties of the class need to be used to implement the compareTo method.

In the following class with the name Course we define three properties title, beginDate and maxAttendees. We also apply the @Sortable annotation. Notice we cannot use int as a type, because it doesn’t implement the Comparable interface. The class Integer does.

If we only want the properties title and maxAttendees to be used in the compareTo method we define those properties with the includes parameter:

Besides implementing the Comparable interface with a compareTo method, the AST transformation also adds public static methods with the pattern comparatorByProperty. These methods return a Comparator object for the given property.

Code written with Groovy 2.3.

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