Grails Goodness: Add Banner to Grails Application

Grails 3 is based on Spring Boot. This means we get a lot of the functionality of Spring Boot into our Grails applications. A Spring Boot application has by default a banner that is shown when the application starts. The default Grails application overrides Spring Boot’s behavior and disables the display of a banner. To add a banner again to our Grails application we have different options.

First we can add a file banner.txt to our classpath. If Grails finds the file it will display the contents when we start the application. Let’s add a simple banner with Grails3 in Ascii art in the file src/main/resources/banner.txt. By placing the file in src/main/resources we can assure it is in the classpath as classpath:/banner.txt:

Let’s run our application with the bootRun task:

To have more information in the banner we can implement the org.springframework.boot.Banner interface. This interface has a printBanner method in which we can write the implementation for the banner. To use it we must create an instance of the GrailsApp class and set the banner property:

Now we run the bootRun task again:

Written with Grails 3.0.1.

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Ascii art is generated with this website.

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