Spicy Spring: Reload Classes Spring Boot With Spring Loaded And Gradle Continuous Build

When we develop a Spring Boot application we can hot reload newly compiled classes using Gradle. The bootRun task of the Spring Boot Gradle plugin has support for Spring Loaded. We must add a dependency to Spring Loaded as a dependency for the classpath configuration in the buildscript block. If we now use the bootRun task everything is ready to reload changed classes. Now we can use the continuous build feature of Gradle to listen for changes in our source files to recompile them. The recompiled classes are then reloaded in the running Spring Boot application started with bootRun. We start a second Gradle instance with the -t option for the classes task. This way when we change a source file it gets recompiled automatically and reloaded.

The following build script shows how we add Spring Loaded:

Let’s also create a very simple Spring Boot application:

Now we can start a Gradle proces that will recompile class files if the source file changes:

In another terminal we start the bootRun task:

Written with Gradle 2.7 and Spring Boot 1.2.5.

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