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Spcok has a lot of nice extensions we can use in our specifications. The AutoCleanup extension makes sure the close() method of an object is called each time a feature method is finished. We could invoke the close() method also from the cleanup method in our specification, but with the @AutoCleanup annotation it is easier and immediately shows our intention. If the object we apply the annotation to doesn’t have a close() method to invoke we can specify the method name as the value for the annotation. Finally we can set the attribute quiet to true if we don’t want to see any exceptions that are raised when the close() method (or custom method name, that is specified) is invoked.

In the following example code we have a specification that is testing the WatchService implementation. The implementation also implements the Closeable interface, which means we can use the close() method to cleanup the object properly. We also have a custom class WorkDir with a delete() method that needs to be invoked.

Written with Spock 1.0-groovy-2.4.

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