Spocklight: Only Run Specs Based On Conditions

In a previous blog post we have seen the IgnoreIf extension. There is also a counterpart: the Requires extension. If we apply this extension to a feature method or specification class than the method or whole class is executed when the condition for the @Requires annotation is true. If the condition is false the method or specification is not executed. As a value for the @Requires annotation we must specify a closure. In the closure Spock adds some properties we can use for our conditions:

  • jvm can be used to check a Java version or compatibility.
  • sys returns the Java system properties.
  • env used to access environment variables.
  • os can be used to check for operating system names.
  • javaVersion has the Java version as BigDecimal, eg. 1.8.

In the following example we use the @Requires annotation with different conditions:

If we have the same condition to be applied for all feature methods in a specification we can use the @Requires annotation at the class level:

Written with Spock 1.0-groovy-2.4.

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