Grails Goodness: Run Gradle Tasks In Grails Interactive Mode

To start Grails in interactive mode we simply type grails on the command line. This starts Grails and we get an environment to run Grails commands like compile and run-app. Since Grails 3 the underlying build system has changed from Gant to Gradle. We can invoke Gradle tasks in interactive mode with the gradle command. Just like we would use Gradle from the command line we can run the same tasks, but this time when Grails is in interactive mode. Grails will use the Gradle version that belongs to the current Grails version.
We even get TAB completion for Gradle tasks.

In the next example we start Grails in interactive mode and run the Gradle task components:

Next we invoke gradle compile followed by TAB. We get all the Gradle tasks that start with compile:

Written with Grails 3.0.8.

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