Grails Goodness: Use A Different Logging Configuration File

Since Grails 3 the logging configuration is in a separate file. Before Grails 3 we could specify the logging configuration in grails-app/conf/Config.groovy, since Grails 3 it is in the file grails-app/conf/logback.groovy. We also notice that since Grails 3 the default logging framework implementation is Logback. We can define a different Logback configuration file with the environment configuration property logging.config. We can set this property in grails-app/conf/application.yml, as Java system property (-Dlogging.config=<location>) or environment variable (LOGGING_CONFIG). Actually all rules for external configuration of Spring Boot apply for the configuration property logging.config.

In the following example configuration file we have a different way of logging in our Grails application. We save it as grails-app/conf/logback-grails.groovy:

We use this configuration file with the following command:

Written with Grails 3.0.8.

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