Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Asciidoctor In Javadoc Comments

Asciidoctor is a great tool for writing technical documentation. The documentation to our Java source is what we write in Javadoc comments. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use Asciidoctor in our Javadoc comments? Of course! We can achieve this with the Asciidoclet Javadoc doclet. The doclet processes the Javadoc comments as Asciidoctor source and generates HTML in the final Javadoc documentation. We can use all of Asciidoc syntax like tables, lists, include directives, styling and more. We can even use Asciidoctor extensions like asciidoctor-diagram.

In the following Java source code we have Javadoc comments with Asciidoctor syntax. We have document attributes, list, styling, include macro, table and asciidoctor-diagram code in our Javadoc. Notice that we don’t have the clutter of HTML tags we normally we would have if we write Javadoc.

Next we create a Gradle build file and configure the javadoc task to use the Asciidoclet Javadoc doclet. In our Java class we also used the asciidoctor-diagram support and therefore we also need to set up the Gradle jruby plugin.

When we run the javadoc task we get the generated output. For example part of the generated documentation for our Application class looks like this:

Documentation for the main method:

Remember this only applies to Javadoc. If we write Groovy code and use Groovydoc to generate documentation we cannot use Asciidoclet.

Written with Asciidoclet 1.5.2 and Gradle 2.7.

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