Gradle Goodness: Running Groovy Scripts Using Like From Command Line

In a previous post we have seen how to execute a Groovy script in our source directories. But what if we want to use the Groovy command line to execute a Groovy script? Suppose we want to evaluate a small Groovy script expressed by a String value, that we normally would invoke like $ groovy -e "println 'Hello Groovy!'". Or we want to use the command line option -l to start Groovy in listening mode with a script to handle requests. We can achieve this by creating a task with type JavaExec or by using the Gradle javaexec method. We must set the Java main class to groovy.ui.Main which is the class that is used for running the Groovy command line.

In the following sample build file we create a new task runGroovyScript of type JavaExec. We also create a new dependency configuration groovyScript so we can use a separate class path for running our Groovy scripts.

We can run the task runGroovyScript and we see the output of our small Groovy script println 'Hello Gradle!':

Let’s write another task where we use the simple HTTP server from the Groovy examples to start a HTTP server with Gradle. This can be useful if we have a project with static HTML files and want to serve them via a web server:

We can run the task runHttpServer from the command line and open the page http://localhost:8001/index.html in our web browser. If there is a file index.html in the directory src/main/resources it is shown in the browser.

Written with Gradle 2.11.

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