Grails Goodness: Adding Custom Info To Info Endpoint

In a previous post we learned how to add Git commit information to the /info endpoint in our Grails application. We can add our own custom information to this endpoint by defining application properties that start with info..

Let’s add the Grails environment the application runs in to the /info endpoint. We create the file grails-app/conf/application.groovy. To get the value we must have a piece of code that is executed so using the application.groovy makes this possible instead of a static configuration file like application.yml:

We also want to have information available at build time to be included. Therefore we write a new Gradle task in our build.gradle that create an file in the build directory. The contents is created when we run or build our Grails application. We just have to make sure the properties stored in start with info.:

Let’s run our Grails application:

And we look at the output of the /info endpoint:

Written with Grails 3.1.8.

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