Ratpacked: Use TestHttpClient For External HTTP Services

Ratpack has a very useful class: TestHttpClient. This is a blocking HTTP client that we normally use for testing our Ratpack applications. For example we use MainClassApplicationUnderTest or GroovyRatpackMainApplicationUnderTest in a test and invoke the getHttpClient method to get an instance of TestHttpClient. The class has a lot of useful methods to make HTTP requests with a nice DSL. TestHttpClient is also very useful as a standalone HTTP client in other applications.

Suppose we have a piece of code that needs to access MapQuest Open Platform Web Services to get location details for a given combination of longitude and latitude values. In the constructor we create an instance of the interface ApplicationUnderTest. We then can use the getHttpClient method of ApplicationUnderTest to get a TestHttpClient instance:

The host name and key we need to make a request are set via the GeocodeConfig class:

And finally a simple POGO to store the location details:

In our project we only have to add a dependency on io.ratpack:ratpack-test:

Written with Ratpack 1.3.3.

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