When we write a list in Asciidoctor we can simply create a list item by starting the line with a dot (.). To create a another list item we simply start a new line with a dot (.). But what if we want to add a list item with multiple paragraphs, or text and a source code block element. We can use the list item continuation (+) to indicate to Asciidoctor we want to keep these together for a single list item.

In the following example we have a list in Asciidoctor markup. The second list item has multiple paragraphs , the third item has an extra admonition block and the fourth item contains a source code block:

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== List continuation

When we have a list item that has for example multiple paragraphs,
we can use Asciidoctor's list continuation feature. We place a
`+` symbol between the paragraphs to indicate the paragraphs
belong to a single list item.

=== Sample list

. A very simple first item
. This item consists of two paragraphs.
By adding the `+` symbol we indicate this
paragraph also belongs to the second list item.
. We can even add for example an admonition.
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. A small code example:
println 'Groovy rocks!'
. Let's end with a simple list item.

Let’s generate this Asciidoctor markup to HTML and we see the following result:


We see how the extra paragraph, admonition and source code are part of a single list item.

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