Today I visited the UXDX Conf in Amsterdam.

UXDX conf is based around the UXDX model which integrates UX into the Development loop by breaking down the barriers between development, design and research teams.

This post contains my take-away from the conference.

Creating one shared vision

One of the most prevalent pieces of information being shared at the conference is that as a rule the entire team must agree on current problems/challenges. Both in the product and in the process. The shared vision on what is going on together with a consensus on the solution is vital. Both  to the success of the organization as the product itself. Part of creating this shared vision is creating an environment where people feel safe to discover what is going on.

Treat all unverified statements as assumptions:

An interesting technique discussed is to treat all unverified statements as assumptions and log them in a document; prioritizing according to risk, probability, educational value and/or potential cost; and finally ensuring research is done based on what is required most.

The W.I.N. acronym for solutions

When creating new applications, features or solutions to challenges it is wise to check if the following statements apply:

  • worthwhile, (because it needs to do something the user actually wants; don’t make assumptions here),

  • innovative (know what and when to add a feature) and

  • nuanced (do not make your solutions to large, choose smaller solutions and shorter release cycles).

Making the Aerlingus site accesible

This presentation given by Brian Dalton is enlightening. He supported this presentation with a demo of how he navigates the site using a screen reader. This for me personally was one of the most important presentation and I cannot stress enough the vital importance of accessibility in application design and implementation. And as Brian reiterated "add accessibility from the get-go if you don’t want a ton of rework later down the line". All in all it was an interesting day with interesting talks which i found relevant and equally interesting talks that had less relevance to me.