Micronaut Mastery: Add Build Info To Info Endpoint

Micronaut has some built-in management endpoints to get information, a list of beans, health checks and more. To enable the endpoints we must add the dependency io.micronaut:management to our application. Then we can add configuration properties to enable the different endpoints. The /info endpoint gathers information from several sources with properties. If we want to add build information we must create a file build-info.properties with information and Micronaut will automatically add the properties from the file to the /info endpoint.

We can choose how we want to create the build-info.properties file. The location is configurable via Micronaut application configuration properties, but the default location is on the classpath at META-INF/build-info.properties. To make life easy for us we reuse the BuildInfo Gradle task from the Spring Boot Gradle plugin to create the build-info.properties file.

In the following example build file we add a build script classpath dependency on the Spring Boot Gradle plugin. This will add the BuildInfo class to our Gradle build file. Next we create a new task buildInfo using the BuildInfo type and we set the destination directory to the resources/main/META-INF directory in the project build directory. This is the default location that Micronaut uses to read the properties for the /info endpoint.

In our application configuration we enable the /info endpoint:

We start our Micronaut application using ./gradlew run and invoke the /info endpoint and we get the following data:

Written with Micronaut 1.0.0.M4.

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