Sometimes when we are developing we might to need to lookup the unicode value for a character. If we are using macOS we can use the Character Viewer to lookup the unicode. We can open the Character Viewer using the key combination ⌃+⌘+Space (Ctrl+Cmd+Space) or open the Edit menu in our application and select Emoji & Symbols. We can type the character we want to unicode value for in the Search box or look it up in the lists. When we select the character we can see at the right the Unicode for that character:

unicode find

If the Unicode value is not shown we first need to add the Unicode code table to the Character Viewer. We must select the menu at the top left and click on Customise List…​.:

unicode menu

Next we must select the Code Tables node and select Unicode:

unicode list

When we search or click on a new character we get the unicode value.