To calculate the modulo of two numbers in DataWeave we can use the mod function from the dw::Core module. We provide two arguments where the first argument is the number that needs to be divided by the number provided as second argument. The number that remains after a division of the input arguments is returned as a result.

In the following example we use different arguments for the mod function:


%dw 2.0
output application/json
    result1: 6 mod 3,
    result2: 5 mod 3,
    result3: 5 mod -3,
    result4: -5 mod 3,
    result5: -5 mod -3,
    result6: 1.5 mod 1,
    result7: 5.095 mod 3


  "result1": 0,
  "result2": 2,
  "result3": 2,
  "result4": -2,
  "result5": -2,
  "result6": 0.5,
  "result7": 2.095

Written with DataWave 2.4.

DataWeave is a functional language designed by MuleSoft for transforming data structures defined in for example JSON, XML or CSV.