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Spring Sweets: Add (Extra) Build Information To Info Endpoint

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Hubert Klein Ikkink

With Spring Boot Actuator we get some useful endpoints in our application to check on our application when it is running. One of the endpoints is the /info endpoint. We can add information about our application if Spring Boot finds a file META-INF/build-info.properties in the classpath of our application. With the Gradle Spring Boot plugin we can generate the build-info.properties file. When we apply the Gradle Spring Boot plugin to our project we get a Gradle extension springBoot in our build file. With this extension we can configure Spring Boot for our project. To generate project information that is used by the /info endpoint we must add the method statement buildInfo() inside the springBoot extension. With this method statement the Gradle Spring Boot plugin generates a file build/main/resources/META-INF/build-info.properties..

Let’s run our application and send a request for /info:

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