Functional Programming

Let's talk functions

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Jacob van Lingen

Cologne. Anno Domini 1470. For over two hundred years German craftsmen have been working on the cathedral close the Rhine. At the very moment, master Tilman is busy decorating one of the pillars in the left center of the nave. He has done this profession for his entire live. His hands carve a figure from a grey stone. First the baby Jesus emerges. Then a head, a body and finally the feet of a man come into view. It is the saint Christopher. According to legend, together with the divine child this saint carries the burden of the entire world. It is a marvel to watch the skilled worker chisel a man from rock. And yet, if you watch him closely, you start to wonder if he really has to use his old tools. Wouldn’t he do his job even better with new shiny gear? Does the veteran artisan really know all the tricks, or could even he learn something new?

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