Micronaut Mastery: Add Custom Health Indicator

When we add the io.micronaut:management dependency to our Micronaut application we get, among other things, a /health endpoint. We must enable it in our application configuration where we can also configure how much information is shown and if we want to secure the endpoint. Micronaut has some built-in health indicators, some of which are only available based on certain conditions. For example there is a disk space health indicator that will return a status of DOWN when the free disk space is less than a (configurable) threshold. If we would have one or more DataSource beans for database access in our application context a health indicator is added as well to show if the database(s) are available or not.

We can also add our own health indicator that will show up in the /health endpoint. We must write a class that implements the HealthIndicator interface and add it to the application context. We could add some conditions to make sure the bean is loaded when needed. Micronaut also has the abstract AbstractHealthIndicator class that can be used as base class for writing custom health indicators.

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