It was a full day starting with breakfast and 5 one and a half hour long presentations followed by dinner and a keynote delivered by Adrian Colyer, CTO of SpringSource. The keynote was on how application architecture has evolved over the last 10 years towards what it has become today. We started out with a static frontend client that communicated with a service layer, which in turn persisted to a database. Nowadays we have rich clients, multiple services in our service tier that in turn connect to services, websockets and/or other data sources. He proceeded to show his application, slowly scaling it up from one isolated environment into a cloud solution and from there into a multi cloud solution using brokers for each cloud region. From this he explained the use of auto scaling workers in a message queue and the advantages this mechanism has in relation to bandwith, throughput and latency. During his presentation he used scriptIt, which is a new browser based javascript editor that was released recently. He was enthusiastic about it due to its ability to follow declarations and support for auto completion. Another tool he was adamant about was a REST service console that allows reading and the exercise of calls that alter the state of the service. It is a great tool for seeing what goes on under the hood. For the code featured in this keynote see: github