Expandable list component for AngularJS (1.5)

For several of my projects I required a list where input items could be dynamically added and removed. Because i saw uses for this over and over i created a component which i’m sharing with you here.

The component ended up like the code below. Where i used a template generation function in order to create the ul and li elements. I’m using the angular.element function to create nodes as a method of preference.

As you can see the template function adds information such as class names from the attributes and also creates the item li tag with the ng-repeat needed to populate our list. And after this it appends the footer li tag which should ideally contain the add item link/button.

So now we have our list, which we can use as such:

As you can see there are bindings for both list and item.

  • The list binding is for the controller for the expandable list.
    • has two functions (add & remove) for adding and removing lines.
    • has a flag called manipulatable which is true as long as the list may add/remove items.
  • The item binding is for the individual items in the list.

Note that this is not a best practice, nor is it necessarily the best solution for you or your project. It is just a component that may help you, or be the basis for something else.

You can play with this component on plunker.

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