Ratpacked: Override Registry Objects With Mocks In Integration Specifications

Testing a Ratpack application is not difficult. Ratpack has excellent support for writing unit and integration tests. When we create the fixture MainClassApplicationUnderTest we can override the method addImpositions to add mock objects to the application. We can add them using the ImpositionsSpec object. When the application starts with the test fixture the provided mock objects are used instead of the original objects. For a Groovy based Ratpack application we can do the same thing when we create the fixture GroovyRatpackMainApplicationUnderTest.

We start with a simple Java Ratpack application. The application adds an implementation of a NumberService interface to the registry. A handler uses this implementation for rendering some output.

The NumberService interface is not difficult:

The implementation of the NumberService interface returns a random number:

To test the application we want to use a mock for the NumberService interface. In the following specification we override the addImpositions method of the MainClassApplicationUnderTest class:

Written with Ratpack 1.4.5.

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