Spring Sweets: Custom Exit Code From Exception

When we write a Spring Boot application a lot of things are done for us. For example when an exception in the application occurs when we start our application, Spring Boot will exit the application with exit code 1. If everything goes well and the we stop the application the exit code is 0. When we use the run method of SpringApplication and an exception is not handled by our code, Spring Boot will catch it and will check if the exception implements the ExitCodeGenerator interface. The ExitCodeGenerator interface has one method getExitCode() which must return a exit code value. This value is used as input argument for the method System.exit() that is invoke by Spring Boot to stop the application.

In the following example application we write a Spring Boot command line application that can throw an exception on startup. The exception class implements the ExitCodeGenerator interface:

But there is also an exit method available in the SpringApplication class. This method determines the exit code value by looking up beans in the application context that implement the ExitCodeExceptionMapper interface. The ExitCodeExceptionMapper interface has the method getExitCode(Throwable). We can write an implementation that has logic to return different exit codes based on characteristics of the given Throwable. This is especially useful when we want to have an exit code for exceptions from third party libraries.

In the following example we use the exit method of SpringApplication and a Spring bean exitCodeExceptionMapper that implements the ExitCodeExceptionMapper interface using a Java 8 lambda expression:

Written with Spring Boot 1.5.2.RELEASE.

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