Spring Sweets: Access Application Arguments With ApplicationArguments Bean

When we start a Spring Boot application and pass arguments to the application, Spring Boot will capture those arguments and creates a Spring bean of type ApplicationArguments and puts it in the application context. We can use this Spring bean to access the arguments passed to the application. We could for example auto wire the bean in another bean and use the provided argument values. The ApplicationArguments interface has methods to get arguments values that are options and plain argument values. An option argument is prefixed with --, for example --format=xml is a valid option argument. If the argument value is not prefixed with -- it is a plain argument.

In the following example application we have a Spring Boot application with a Spring bean that implements CommandLineRunner. When we define the CommandLineRunner implementation we use the ApplicationArguments bean that is filled by Spring Boot:

We have an alternative if we want to use the ApplicationArguments bean in a CommandlineRunner implementation. Spring Boot offers the ApplicationRunner interface. The interface has the method run(ApplicationArguments) we need to implement and gives us directly access to the ApplicationArguments bean. In the next example we refactor the application and use ApplicationRunner:

Written with Spring Boot 1.5.2.RELEASE.

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