Micronaut Mastery: Using Specific Configuration Properties For HTTP Client

One of the (many) great features of Micronaut is the HTTP client. We use the @Client annotation to inject a low-level HTTP client. Or we define a declarative HTTP client based on an interface, for which Micronaut will generate an implementation. The @Client annotation supports the configuration parameter to reference a configuration class with configuration properties for the HTTP client. The configuration class extends HttpClientConfiguration to support for example the configuration of timeouts and connection pooling. We can add our own configuration properties as well and use them in our application.

In the following example we want to access the OpenWeatherMap API using a declarative HTTP client. First we write a class that extends HttpClientConfiguration. This gives us HTTP client configuration properties and we also add some properties to define the OpenWeatherMap URI, path and access key we need to invoke the REST API. Finally we add configuration properties for a @Retryable annotation we want to use for our HTTP client.

Next we write the declarative HTTP client as Java interface with the @Client annotation. We refer to our custom configuration and use the configuration properties to set the URI and path for accessing the OpenWeatherMap API.

Finally we write a controller that uses the declarative HTTP client WeatherClient to get a weather description for the town of Tilburg in The Netherlands:

In the application.yml configuration file we can set the values for the configuration properties:

When we run our application and access the URL http://localhost:8080/weather/tilburg using HTTPie we get the weather description:

Written with Micronaut 1.0.0.M4.

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