Micronaut Mastery: Adding Custom Info To Info Endpoint

In a previous post we learned how to add build information to the /info endpoint in our application. We can add custom information to the /info endpoint via our application configuration or via a bean by implementing the InfoSource interface. Remember we need to add the io.micronaut:management dependency to our application for this feature.

Any configuration property that is prefixed with info will be exposed via the /info endpoint. We can define the properties in configuration files, using Java system properties or system environment variables. In the following example configuration file we add the property info.sample.message:

Another option is to create a new class that implements the InfoSource interface. We need to override the getSource method to return a Publisher with a PropertySource. In our example application we have a ConferenceRepository bean that can access a database with data about conferences. In the following example InfoSource implementation we want to return the number of conferences that are stored in the database:

Let’s run our Micronaut application and invoke the /info endpoint. We see the following response if we have 42 conference records in our database:

Written with Micronaut 1.0.0.M4.

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