Mission to Mars follow up

Last week I presented my talk ‘MISSION TO MARS: EXPLORING NEW WORLDS WITH AWS IOT’ at IoT Tech Day 2016 and it was great fun! In the presentation I showed how to build a small robot and control it over MQTT messaging via Amazons IoT platform. The room was packed and the demo went well too.


I promised to share some info about it on my blog so here we are. I’ve composed a shopping list and a collection of useful links:
Mission to Mars – Shopping list
Mission to Mars – Useful links

The original presentation is available here:

So what’s next? I should publish my Pi robot and Mission Control Center web client code on github. Maybe I’ll extend the python code for controlling the mBot over a serial connection and make a proper library for it. Will keep you updated…

Grasping AngularJS 1.5 directive bindings by learning from Angular 2

In AngularJS 1.5 we can use attribute binding to allow easy use of input-only, output-only and two-way attributes for a directive or component.

Instead of manually parsing, watching and modifying attribute values through code, we can simply specify an attribute binding by adding a property to the object hash of:

In this blog post we will learn how attribute bindings differ between AngularJS 1.5 and Angular 2 and what we can learn from Angular 2 to make your HTML and JavaScript in Angular 1.5 more descriptive.
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