Using ArgumentMatchers with Mockito

Mockito is a mock framework which you can use to write simple and clean tests. One of it’s nice features is the ArgumentMatcher. With the ArgumentMatcher you can determine the outcome of your mocked service or repository based on any condition you want.

Imagine we have a CandyService which can get a list of candies which are liked by a specific customer. This service uses the external ChocalateService which specifically checks if the customer likes chocolate. Continue reading

Grails Goodness: Using Wrapper for Running Grails Commands Without Grails Installation

Since Grails 2.1 we can create a Grails wrapper. The wrapper allows developer to run Grails commands in a project without installing Grails first. The wrapper concept is also available in other projects from the Groovy ecosystem like Gradle or Griffon. A wrapper is a shell script for Windows, OSX or Linux named grailsw.bat or grailsw and a couple of JAR files to automatically download a specific version of Grails. We can check in the shell scripts and supporting files into a version control system and make it part of the project. Developers working on the project simply check out the code and execute the shell script. If there is no Grails installation available then it will be downloaded.

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