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AWS accounts & users: Separation of Concerns

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Casper Rooker

Separating concerns is something we as developers are used to thinking about in terms of code. But the same also applies to identity management. If you’ve dabbled in AWS, you can get started right away with a root account. However, when it goes beyond dabbling, it might be a good idea to start splitting up responsibilities.

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Typisch Types: Verfijnde types

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Jurjen Vorhauer

ScalaDays 2019 is alweer een week voorbij, maar langzaam, maar zeker krijgt de enorme hoeveelheid hoge-kwaliteit input hun gevolgen in mijn kennis over Scala.

Naar aanleiding van een rode draad die ik vond tijdens deze ScalaDays, heb ik enige gedachten over het gebruik van Types in Scala geblogd.

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Microservices: A workshop by Sam Newman

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Justus Brugman

Today I’ve been working exactly minus 23 days at JDriven. So as you might expect, officially I’ll be starting there at the first of July. For my new employer, this is no reason at all not to invite you on the seminars they provide for their people, so yes this proved as well there is a reason to make this next step into choosing for JDriven. So last Thursday there I headed to headquarters at Nieuwegein for a full day workshop about Microservices, given by nobody else than Sam Newman!

Sam Newman
Okay, for the ones who don’t know, he is the author of the books ’Building Microservices’, ’Lightweight Systems for Realtime Monitoring’, and the forthcoming book ’Monolith to Microservices’, all published by O’Reilly. He’s also known being the co-creator of the Lego XP Game.

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