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  1. 2022-12-23Kotlin Kandy: Create Fix Sized Sublists From Iterables With chunked
  2. 2022-12-22Kotlin Kandy: Split Collection Or String With Partition
  3. 2022-12-21Kotlin Kandy: Taking Or Dropping Characters From A String
  4. 2022-12-20Kotlin Kandy: Find Common Prefix Or Suffix In Strings
  5. 2022-12-19Kotlin Kandy: Transform Items In A Collection To A Map With associate
  6. 2022-12-16Kotlin Kandy: Padding Strings
  7. 2022-12-15Kotlin Kandy: Strip Leading Spaces From Multiline Strings
  8. 2022-12-14Kotlin Kandy: Transforming Collection Items With Index
  9. 2022-12-13Kotlin Kandy: Getting The Indices Of A Collection
  10. 2022-12-12Gradle Goodness: Configure Test Task With JVM Test Suite
  11. 2022-12-08Gradle Goodness: Set Project Version In Version Catalog
  12. 2022-12-05Gradle Goodness: Add Extra Dependencies For Running Tests Using JVM Test Suite Plugin
  13. 2022-12-02DataWeave Delight: Turn String Into Snake Case With underscore
  14. 2022-11-30Change Log Level For Events In Keycloak
  15. 2022-11-28Gradle Goodness: Using Spock With JVM Test Suite Plugin
  16. 2022-11-25Gradle Goodness: Set Test Framework Version Using Version Catalog With JVM Test Suite Plugin
  17. 2022-11-23DataWeave Delight: Turn String Into Kebab Casing With dasherize
  18. 2022-11-21Mastering Maven: Exclude Modules From Build
  19. 2022-11-15Gradle Goodness: Grouping Version Catalog Dependencies Into Bundles
  20. 2022-11-10Gradle Goodness: Defining Plugin Versions Using Version Catalog
  21. 2022-11-01Clojure Goodness: Writing Text File Content With spit
  22. 2022-10-10Clojure Goodness: Reading Text File Content With slurp
  23. 2022-10-05DataWeave Delight: Using the update Operator to change values in an object
  24. 2022-07-21Groovy Goodness: Using Macros For Getting More Information About Variables
  25. 2022-07-15Groovy Goodness: Using Macros For Getting String Representation Of Variables
  26. 2022-07-12DataWeave Delight: Using Literal Types
  27. 2022-07-08Groovy Goodness: Closed And Open Ranges
  28. 2022-07-06Get Absolute Path To An SDK With SDKMAN!
  29. 2022-07-05Groovy Goodness: Creating TOML Configuration With TomlBuilder
  30. 2022-07-04Groovy Goodness: Reading TOML Configuration
  31. 2022-07-01Groovy Goodness: Get Row Number In GINQ Result Set
  32. 2022-06-30Groovy Goodness: Using The Switch Expression
  33. 2022-06-29DataWeave Delight: Getting The Ordinal Value For A Number
  34. 2022-06-28DataWeave Delight: Check Type Of Value
  35. 2022-06-27DataWeave Delight: Calculating Remainder After Division
  36. 2022-06-24DataWeave Delight: Unzipping Arrays
  37. 2022-06-23DataWeave Delight: Zipping Arrays
  38. 2022-06-22DataWeave Delight: Measure Function Duration With time And duration Functions
  39. 2022-06-21DataWeave Delight: Partition An Array
  40. 2022-06-20DataWeave Delight: Splitting An Array Or Object
  41. 2022-06-17DataWeave Delight: Importing Functions With An Alias
  42. 2022-06-16DataWeave Delight: Reversing the items in an array
  43. 2022-06-15DataWeave Delight: Convert string value to a boolean
  44. 2022-06-14DataWeave Delight: Turn string value into array of characters
  45. 2022-06-13DataWeave Delight: Using dynamic elements to build a new object
  46. 2022-06-10DataWeave Delight: Using pluck function to transform object to array
  47. 2022-06-09DataWeave Delight: Using dynamic elements to build a new object
  48. 2022-06-08DataWeave Delight: Turn string value into array of characters
  49. 2022-06-07DataWeave Delight: Parsing a URL to a URI object
  50. 2022-06-03DataWeave Delight: Using string interpolation
  51. 2022-06-02DataWeave Delight: Calculate the average for an array of numbers
  52. 2022-06-01DataWeave Delight: Creating a UUID
  53. 2022-05-30DataWeave Delight: Join array elements into a string
  54. 2022-03-21DataWeave Delight: Wrapping string values
  55. 2022-03-16DataWeave Delight: Finding highest or lowest value in an array
  56. 2022-03-14DataWeave Delight: Reverse a string value
  57. 2022-02-28DataWeave Delight: Repeating a string value
  58. 2021-11-01Spocklight: Adjusting Time With MutableClock
  59. 2021-10-18Spocklight: Writing Assertions for Arguments Mock Methods
  60. 2021-10-12Clojure Goodness: Create All Parent Directories For A File
  61. 2021-10-05PlantUML Pleasantness: Change Look-and-feel With Themes
  62. 2021-04-20Java Joy: Run Action When Optional Value Present Or Not
  63. 2021-04-13Clojure Goodness: Turning Map Values To Map Keys
  64. 2021-04-09Java Joy: Getting Multiple Results From One Stream With Teeing Collector
  65. 2021-04-07Clojure Goodness: Create New Instance Of Java Class
  66. 2021-04-02Gradle Goodness: Create Properties File With WriteProperties Task
  67. 2021-03-18Java Joy: Formatting A String Value With Formatted Method
  68. 2021-03-12Gradle Goodness: Add Support For "Scratch" Files To Java Project
  69. 2021-03-10Clojure Goodness: Pure Function Sample Buying Coffee From FP Programming In Scala Written In Clojure
  70. 2021-03-08Gradle Goodness: Enabling Preview Features For Java
  71. 2021-03-04Java Joy: Apply Function To String With Transform
  72. 2021-03-02Java Joy: Format Numbers In Compact Form
  73. 2021-02-26Java Joy: Merge Maps Using Stream API
  74. 2021-02-24Clojure Goodness: Merge Maps With Function To Set Value Duplicate Keys
  75. 2021-02-22Java Joy: Composing Functions
  76. 2021-02-18Gradle Goodness: Setting Plugin Version From Property In Plugins Section
  77. 2021-02-17Gradle Goodness: Shared Configuration With Conventions Plugin
  78. 2021-02-12Clojure Goodness: Destructure Sequences
  79. 2021-02-11Clojure Goodness: Destructuring Maps
  80. 2021-02-10Clojure Goodness: Remove Duplicates From A Collection With distinct
  81. 2021-02-08Clojure Goodness: Remove Consecutive Duplicate Elements From Collection
  82. 2021-02-04Clojure Goodness: Use .. For Invocation Java Method Chaining
  83. 2021-01-29Clojure Goodness: Invoke Java Method With Varargs Parameter
  84. 2021-01-26Java Joy: Partition Stream By Predicate
  85. 2021-01-21Java Joy: Turn Stream Into An Array
  86. 2020-12-30Java Joy: Optional orElse orElseGet That Is The Question
  87. 2020-11-05Clojure Goodness: Getting Part Of A Vector With subvec
  88. 2020-11-04Clojure Goodness: Split Collection With Predicate
  89. 2020-11-03Clojure Goodness: Shuffle A Collection
  90. 2020-11-02Clojure Goodness: Formatting With Java Format String
  91. 2020-10-20Clojure Goodness: Formatting With Java Format String
  92. 2020-10-16Automatic Switching Of Java Versions With SDKMAN!
  93. 2020-10-13Clojure Goodness: Finding The Maximum Or Minimum Value
  94. 2020-10-06Mastering Maven: Replace Files In Archives
  95. 2020-10-05Gradle Goodness: Replace Files In Archives
  96. 2020-09-14Sample blogtober 2020
  97. 2020-07-24Clojure Goodness: Taking Or Dropping Elements From A Collection Based On Predicate
  98. 2020-07-20Clojure Goodness: Turn Java Object To Map With bean Function
  99. 2020-07-16Clojure Goodness: Create And Initialize Object Based On Java Class With doto
  100. 2020-07-14Clojure Goodness: Replacing Characters In A String With escape Function
  101. 2020-07-10Clojure Goodness: Concatenation Of Map Function Results With mapcat
  102. 2020-07-08Clojure Goodness: Creating Union Of Sets
  103. 2020-07-03Clojure Goodness: Find Differences In Sets
  104. 2020-07-01Clojure Goodness: Keyword As Function
  105. 2020-06-29Clojure Goodness: Using Sets As Functions
  106. 2020-06-26Clojure Goodness: Create New Function Complementing Other Function
  107. 2020-06-24Java Joy: Reapply Function With Stream iterate
  108. 2020-06-22Java Joy: Infinite Stream Of Values Or Method Invocations
  109. 2020-06-17Clojure Goodness: Transforming Collection Items With Index
  110. 2020-06-16Clojure Goodness: Repeating A Value Or Function Invocation
  111. 2020-06-11Clojure Goodness: Repeat Items In A Collection As Lazy Sequence With cycle
  112. 2020-06-09Clojure Goodness: Interleave Keys And Values Into A Map With zipmap
  113. 2020-06-04Clojure Goodness: Composing Functions With comp
  114. 2020-05-28Clojure Goodness: Using The range Function
  115. 2020-05-26Clojure Goodness: Set Default Value For nil Function Argument With fnil
  116. 2020-05-22Clojure Goodness: Partition Collection Into Sequences
  117. 2020-05-18Clojure Goodness: Counting Frequency Of Items In A Collection
  118. 2020-05-14Awesome Asciidoctor: Image As Link Reference
  119. 2020-05-12Clojure Goodness: Check Substring Is Part Of String
  120. 2020-05-07Clojure Goodness: Getting Results From Multiple Functions With Juxt Function
  121. 2020-05-06Clojure Goodness: Reapply Function With Iterate To Create Infinitive Sequence
  122. 2020-05-04Clojure Goodness: Combine First And Next Functions Multiple Times
  123. 2020-04-21Java Joy: Using Functions To Replace Values In Strings
  124. 2020-04-20Java Joy: Using Named Capturing Groups In Regular Expressions
  125. 2020-04-17Clojure Goodness: Checking Predicate For Every Or Any Element In A Collection
  126. 2020-04-16Clojure Goodness: Get Clojure Version
  127. 2020-04-15Clojure Goodness: Keep Non-Nil Function Results From Collection
  128. 2020-04-14Clojure Goodness: Splitting Strings
  129. 2020-04-10Clojure Goodness: Get Random Item From A Sequence
  130. 2020-04-09Clojure Goodness: Replacing Matching Values In String
  131. 2020-04-08Clojure Goodness: Flatten Collections
  132. 2020-04-07Clojure Goodness: Getting Intersections Between Sets
  133. 2020-04-06Clojure Goodness: Joining Elements in a Collection
  134. 2020-04-03Clojure Goodness: Trimming Strings
  135. 2020-03-30Groovy Goodness: Getting Parts Of A String Enclosed By Strings
  136. 2020-03-27Groovy Goodness: Taking Or Dropping Number Of Characters From A String
  137. 2020-03-26Groovy Goodness: Check Object Instances Are The Same With === Operator
  138. 2020-03-25Groovy Goodness: Using !instanceof Operator
  139. 2020-03-24Groovy Goodness: Safe Index Based Access For Lists, Arrays and Maps
  140. 2020-03-23Groovy Goodness: The Elvis Assignment Operator
  141. 2020-03-20Groovy Goodness: Lambda Default Parameter Value
  142. 2020-03-19Groovy Goodness: Check Item Is Not In A Collection With !in
  143. 2020-03-18Groovy Goodness: Shuffle List or Array
  144. 2020-03-17Groovy Goodness: Parse YAML With YamlSlurper
  145. 2020-03-16Groovy Goodness: Create YAML With YamlBuilder
  146. 2020-03-13Groovy Goodness: Calculate Average For Collection
  147. 2020-03-10Java Joy: Turn A Pattern Into A Predicate
  148. 2020-01-15Groovy Goodness: Transform Elements While Flattening
  149. 2019-12-19Awesome Asciidoctor: Auto Number Callouts
  150. 2019-10-22Java Joy: Transform Elements In Stream Using a Collector
  151. 2019-10-08Awesome Asciidoctor: Include Asciidoc Markup With Listing or Literal Blocks Inside Listing or Literal Block
  152. 2019-10-04Gradle Goodness: Stop Build After One Failing Test
  153. 2019-10-03Java Joy: Combining Predicates
  154. 2019-10-02Quickly Find Unicode For Character On macOS
  155. 2019-10-01Spocklight: Use Stub or Mock For Spring Component Using @SpringBean
  156. 2019-05-23Awesome Asciidoctor: Don't Wrap Lines in All Listing or Literal Blocks of Document
  157. 2019-04-23Gradle Goodness: Use bill of materials (BOM) As Dependency Constraints
  158. 2019-04-21Gradle Goodness: Manage Dependency Versions With Dependency Constraints
  159. 2019-04-03Awesome Asciidoctor: Collapsible Content
  160. 2019-04-01Awesome Asciidoctor: Help On Syntax As HTML
  161. 2019-03-28Micronaut Mastery: Parse String Value With Kb/Mb/Gb To Number
  162. 2019-03-26Micronaut Mastery: Binding Request Parameters To POJO
  163. 2019-03-08Groovy Goodness: Use Expanded Variables in SQL GString Query
  164. 2019-02-20Spicy Spring: Group Loggers With Logical Name
  165. 2019-02-06Gradle Goodness: Only Show All Tasks In A Group
  166. 2019-02-04Awesome Asciidoctor: Exclude Parts From Included Files
  167. 2019-01-16Gradle Goodness: Generate Javadoc In HTML5
  168. 2019-01-15Gradle Goodness: Rerun Incremental Tasks At Specific Intervals
  169. 2018-11-02Micronaut Mastery: Configuration Property Name Is Lowercased And Hyphen Separated
  170. 2018-10-24Micronaut Mastery: Consuming Server-Sent Events (SSE)
  171. 2018-10-17Micronaut Mastery: Use Micronaut Beans In Spring Applications
  172. 2018-10-09Micronaut Mastery: Running Code On Startup
  173. 2018-09-06Spicy Spring: Dockerize Spring Boot Application With Jib
  174. 2018-09-05Awesome Asciidoctor: Document Attributes With Styling
  175. 2018-09-04Micronaut Mastery: Change The Default Package For Generated Classes
  176. 2018-09-03Micronaut Mastery: Adding Custom Info To Info Endpoint
  177. 2018-08-30Micronaut Mastery: Using Specific Configuration Properties For HTTP Client
  178. 2018-08-27Micronaut Mastery: Using Stubs For Testing
  179. 2018-08-24Micronaut Mastery: Documenting Our API Using Spring REST Docs
  180. 2018-08-23Micronaut Mastery: Return Response Based On HTTP Accept Header
  181. 2018-08-22Micronaut Mastery: Add Custom Health Indicator
  182. 2018-08-21Micronaut Mastery: Add Build Info To Info Endpoint
  183. 2018-08-20Micronaut Mastery: Decode JSON Using Custom Constructor Without Jackson Annotations
  184. 2018-08-17Micronaut Mastery: Using Reactor Mono And Flux
  185. 2018-06-27Groovy Goodness: Preorder And Postorder Tree Traversal
  186. 2018-06-26Groovy Goodness: Tuples With Up To 9 Items
  187. 2018-06-25Groovy Goodness: Creating Extra Method Supporting Named Arguments Using @NamedVariant Annotation
  188. 2018-06-22Groovy Goodness: Unmodifiable Collections
  189. 2018-06-20Groovy Goodness: Add Map Constructor With Annotation
  190. 2018-06-19Groovy Goodness: Implement Interface And Abstract Methods Automatically
  191. 2018-06-18Groovy Goodness: Customizing JSON Output
  192. 2018-06-14Groovy Goodness: Remove Last Item From List Using RemoveLast Method (And Pop/Push Methods Reimplemented)
  193. 2018-06-14Groovy Goodness: Getting All Init And Tail Values Recursively
  194. 2018-06-14Groovy Goodness: Truncate And Round BigDecimal Values
  195. 2018-06-14Groovy Goodness: Intersect Collections With Custom Comparator
  196. 2018-06-13Groovy Goodness: Easy Object Creation With Tap Method
  197. 2018-06-13Groovy Goodness: Where Is My Class?
  198. 2018-06-13Groovy Goodness: Calculate MD5 And SHA Hash Values
  199. 2018-06-12Groovy Goodness: Java 8 Stream Enhancements
  200. 2018-06-11Groovy Goodness: Use Optional In Conditional Context
  201. 2018-06-11Groovy Goodness: Using String Values In Ranges
  202. 2018-06-11Groovy Goodness: Use Range By Method To Set Steps Between Numbers
  203. 2018-06-07PlantUML Pleasantness: Using AWS, Font Awesome, Devicons and Google Material Icons
  204. 2018-06-06PlantUML Pleasantness: Setting Arrow Directions
  205. 2018-06-06Gradle Goodness: Enable Task Based On Offline Command Line Argument
  206. 2018-05-18Gradle Goodness: Command Line Options For Custom Tasks
  207. 2017-10-31Awesome Asciidoctor: Use Diagram Block Macro To Include Diagrams
  208. 2017-10-30Groovy Goodness: Download Grab Dependencies In IntelliJ IDEA
  209. 2017-10-24PlantUML Pleasantness: Using The Built-in Icons
  210. 2017-10-23PlantUML Pleasantness: Creating Our Own Sprites
  211. 2017-10-20PlantUML Pleasantness: Layout Elements With Hidden Lines
  212. 2017-10-19PlantUML Pleasantness: Use Gradients In Diagrams
  213. 2017-10-17Groovy Goodness: Make Sure Closeable Objects Are Closed Using withCloseable Method
  214. 2017-10-16Awesome Asciidoctor: Use Only Block As List Item
  215. 2017-10-13PlantUML Pleasantness: Align Multi-line Label Text
  216. 2017-10-12Awesome Asciidoctor: Prevent Transformation of URL to Hyperlink
  217. 2017-10-08Awesome Asciidoctor: Grouping Floating Images
  218. 2017-10-07Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Tab Separated Data In A Table
  219. 2017-10-03Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Paragraphs in Lists With List Item Continuation
  220. 2017-10-02Spocklight: Reuse Variables In Data Providers
  221. 2017-10-01Spocklight: Group Assertions With verifyAll
  222. 2017-06-13Ratpacked: Assert No Exceptions Are Thrown With RequestFixture
  223. 2017-06-12Spocklight: Indicate Specification As Pending Feature
  224. 2017-05-08Awesome Asciidoctor: Nested Tables
  225. 2017-04-25Gradle Goodness: Using Incremental Task Action
  226. 2017-04-24Gradle Goodness: Change Local Build Cache Directory
  227. 2017-04-18Gradle Goodness: Enable Build Cache For All Builds
  228. 2017-04-14Spring Sweets: Hiding Sensitive Environment Or Configuration Values From Actuator Endpoints
  229. 2017-04-13Spocklight: Set Timeout On Specification Methods
  230. 2017-04-12Spocklight: Ignoring Other Feature Methods Using @IgnoreRest
  231. 2017-04-11Ratpacked: Conditionally Map Or Flatmap A Promise
  232. 2017-04-10Ratpacked: Get Time Taken To Fulfil Promise
  233. 2017-04-04Groovy Goodness: Redirecting Print Methods In Scripts
  234. 2017-03-24Ratpacked: Add Ratpack To Spring Boot Application
  235. 2017-03-21Spring Sweets: Access Application Arguments With ApplicationArguments Bean
  236. 2017-03-20Spring Sweets: Custom Exit Code From Exception
  237. 2017-03-17Ratpacked: Override Registry Objects With Mocks In Integration Specifications
  238. 2017-03-16Ratpacked: Combine Groovy DSL With RatpackServer Java Configuration
  239. 2017-03-15Ratpacked: Type Check And Static Compilation For Groovy DSL
  240. 2017-03-14Ratpacked: Implement Custom Rendering With Renderable Interface
  241. 2017-03-13Gradle Goodness: Create Shortcut Key To Refresh Gradle Projects In IntellIJ IDEA
  242. 2017-03-10Ratpacked: Implement A Custom Request Parser
  243. 2017-03-09Ratpacked: Render Optional Type Instance
  244. 2017-03-08Ratpacked: Using Spring Cloud Contract As Client
  245. 2017-03-07Ratpacked: Using Spring Cloud Contract To Implement Server
  246. 2017-03-06Ratpacked: Easy URI Creation With HttpUrlBUillder
  247. 2017-03-03Gradle Goodness: Skip Task When Input Empty Using @SkipWhenEmpty Annotation
  248. 2017-03-02Grails Goodness: Custom JSON and Markup Views For Default REST Resources
  249. 2017-02-24Grails Goodness: Using Domain Classes Without Persistence
  250. 2017-02-21Groovy Goodness: Using The Call Operator ()
  251. 2017-02-20Groovy Goodness: Creating Root JSON Array With JsonBuilder
  252. 2017-02-06Gradle Goodness: Check Operating System In Build Scripts
  253. 2017-01-25Groovy Goodness: Uncapitalize Strings
  254. 2017-01-23Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Filename Starting With Dot As Block Title
  255. 2017-01-18Gradle Goodness: Run Task Ignoring Up-to-date Checks
  256. 2017-01-17Spring Sweets: Add (Extra) Build Information To Info Endpoint
  257. 2017-01-16Spring Sweets: Add Git Info To Info Endpoint
  258. 2017-01-06PlantUML Pleasantness: Get PlantUML Definition From PNG
  259. 2017-01-05PlantUML Pleasantness: Change Line Style And Color
  260. 2017-01-05Gradle Goodness: Passing Environment Variable Via Delegate Run Action In IntelliJ IDEA
  261. 2017-01-04Awesome Asciidoctor: Change Number Style For Ordered Lists
  262. 2017-01-04PlantUML Pleasantness: Using Current Date
  263. 2017-01-03Grails Goodness: Writing Log Messages With Grails 3.2 (Slf4J)
  264. 2017-01-02PlantUML Pleasantness: Check If PlantUML Is Up To Date
  265. 2016-12-23PlantUML Pleasantness: Generate Graphical Version Information
  266. 2016-12-22PlantUML Pleasantness: Create A Sudoku :)
  267. 2016-12-21PlantUML Pleasantness: Include Partial Content From Files
  268. 2016-12-20PlantUML Pleasantness: Customize Stereotype Styling
  269. 2016-12-19PlantUML Pleasantness: Keeping Elements Together
  270. 2016-12-16PlantUML Pleasantness: No Shadows In Diagrams
  271. 2016-12-15PlantUML Pleasantness: Diagrams In Black And White
  272. 2016-12-14PlantUML Pleasantness: Align Elements With Line Length
  273. 2016-12-13Gradle Goodness: Delegate Build And Run Actions To Gradle In IntelliJ IDEA
  274. 2016-12-12Grails Goodness: Enabling Grails View In IntelliJ IDEA For Grails 3
  275. 2016-12-09Gradle Goodness: Creation Rules For Rule Based Model Configuration Using Model DSL
  276. 2016-12-08Gradle Goodness: Getting Project Information Into Rule Based Model Configuration
  277. 2016-12-07Gradle Goodness: Validate Model In Rule Based Model Configuration
  278. 2016-12-06Gradle Goodness: Replacing
  279. 2016-12-05Gradle Goodness: Set Default Values With Rule Based Model Configuration
  280. 2016-12-02Gradle Goodness: Show Hidden Model Objects
  281. 2016-12-01Gradle Goodness: Get Model Report In Short Format
  282. 2016-11-30Gradle Goodness: Adding Task With Rule Based Model Configuration
  283. 2016-11-24Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Ruby Extensions With Asciidoctor Gradle Plugin
  284. 2016-11-23Gradle Goodness: Custom Plugin Repositories With Plugins DSL
  285. 2016-11-02Ratpacked: Creating Pairs From Promises
  286. 2016-11-01Groovy Goodness: Identity Closure
  287. 2016-10-31Groovy Goodness: Interrupted Sleeping
  288. 2016-10-30Grails Goodness: Skip Bootstrap Code
  289. 2016-10-29Groovy Goodness: Direct Field Access In (Super) Classes
  290. 2016-10-28Awesome Asciidoctor: Trick To Use Caption Labels And Numbers In References
  291. 2016-10-26Awesome Asciidoctor: Use Captions For Listing Blocks
  292. 2016-10-25Interesting links (week 43 2016)
  293. 2016-10-24Gradle Goodness: Specify Wrapper Version and Distribution Type From Command Line
  294. 2016-10-23Awesome Asciidoctor: Highlight Lines In Source Code Listings
  295. 2016-10-22Spocklight: Custom Default Responses for Stubs
  296. 2016-10-20Awesome Asciidoctor: Customize the Figure Captions
  297. 2016-10-19Awesome Asciidoctor: Changing Values for Default Captions
  298. 2016-10-18Interesting links (week 42 2016)
  299. 2016-10-17Awesome Asciidoctor: Change Level Offset For Included Documents
  300. 2016-10-16Awesome Asciidoctor: Source Syntax Highlighting With Prism
  301. 2016-10-15Awesome Asciidoctor: Use Counters in Markup
  302. 2016-10-12Awesome Asciidoctor: Replacements For Text To Symbols
  303. 2016-10-11Interesting links (week 41 2016)
  304. 2016-10-10Gradle Goodness: Change Gradle Wrapper Script Name
  305. 2016-10-08Gradle Goodness: Lazy Project Property Evaluation
  306. 2016-10-04Interesting links (week 40 2016)
  307. 2016-10-03Gradle Goodness: Use Command Line Options With Custom Tasks
  308. 2016-10-02Spocklight: Check No Exceptions Are Thrown At All
  309. 2016-10-01Gradle Goodness: Add But Do Not Apply Plugin Using Plugins Block
  310. 2016-09-19Gradle Goodness: Check The Gradle Daemon Status
  311. 2016-09-05Check Which Candidates Can Be Updated With SDKMAN!
  312. 2016-07-08Ratpacked: Create a Partial Response
  313. 2016-07-07Grails Goodness: Pass JSON Configuration Via Command Line
  314. 2016-07-06Ratpacked: Using Groovy Configuration Scripts As Configuration Source
  315. 2016-07-05Spicy Spring: Using Groovy Configuration As PropertySource
  316. 2016-07-05Ratpacked: Handling Exceptions When Reading Configuration Sources
  317. 2016-07-04Groovy Goodness: Customise Log AST Annotations
  318. 2016-07-01Groovy Goodness: Turn A Map Or List As String To Map Or List
  319. 2016-07-01Groovy Goodness: Represent Map As String
  320. 2016-06-29Groovy Goodness: Make Class Cloneable With @AutoClone
  321. 2016-06-28Grails Goodness: Add Banner To Grails 3.1 Application
  322. 2016-06-27Grails Goodness: Creating A Fully Executable Jar
  323. 2016-06-24Grails Goodness: Adding Custom Info To Info Endpoint
  324. 2016-06-23Grails Goodness: Add Git Commit Information To Info Endpoint
  325. 2016-06-22Ratpacked: Use TestHttpClient For External HTTP Services
  326. 2016-06-21Groovy Goodness: IntelliJ IDEA Formatting Of Closure Chains
  327. 2016-06-20Ratpacked: Stub External HTTP Service
  328. 2016-06-17Ratpacked: Include Files In The Ratpack Groovy DSL
  329. 2016-06-17Ratpacked: Revisited Using Multiple DataSources
  330. 2016-06-17Ratpacked: Using Multiple DataSources
  331. 2016-06-16Spicy Spring: Running Our Own Spring Initializr Server
  332. 2016-06-16Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Admonition Icons On GitHub
  333. 2016-06-15Gradle Goodness: Running All Tests From One Package
  334. 2016-06-15IntelliJ IDEA: How Productive Was Your Day?
  335. 2016-06-15Ratpacked: Using Spring As Component Registry
  336. 2016-05-31Groovy Goodness: Creating Files And Directories With Nice DSL Using FileTreeBuilder
  337. 2016-05-30Grails Goodness: Running Tests Continuously
  338. 2016-05-27Grails Goodness: Use Random Server Port In Integration Tests
  339. 2016-05-26Gradle Goodness: Get Property Value With findProperty
  340. 2016-05-26Grails Goodness: Change Version For Dependency Defined By BOM
  341. 2016-03-21Gradle Goodness: Source Sets As IntelliJ IDEA Modules
  342. 2016-03-18Gradle Goodness: Add Spring Facet To IntelliJ IDEA Module
  343. 2016-03-18Gradle Goodness: Set VCS For IntelliJ IDEA In Build File
  344. 2016-03-17Gradle Goodness: Configure IntelliJ IDEA To Use Gradle As Testrunner
  345. 2016-03-17Spicy Spring: Create New Projects From a URL
  346. 2016-03-17Gradle Goodness: Enable Compiler Annotation Processing For IntelliJ IDEA
  347. 2016-03-17Groovy Goodness: Using Tuples
  348. 2016-03-16Javaland 2016 Conference Report
  349. 2016-03-16Gradle Goodness: Adding Custom Extension To Tasks
  350. 2016-03-09Gradle Goodness: Lazy Task Properties
  351. 2016-03-08Gradle Goodness: Methods Generated For Setting Task Properties
  352. 2016-03-07Gradle Goodness: Inter-Project Artifact Dependencies
  353. 2016-03-04Groovy Goodness: Customising The Groovy Compiler
  354. 2016-03-03Grails Goodness: Changing Gradle Version
  355. 2016-03-02Gradle Goodness: Getting Information About Buildscript Dependencies
  356. 2016-03-01Interesting links (week 8 2016)
  357. 2016-03-01Groovy Goodness: Customise Groovydoc Output With Gradle
  358. 2016-02-29Ratpacked: Running With LiveReload Using Gradle
  359. 2016-02-24Gradle Goodness: Build Script Using Java Syntax
  360. 2016-02-23Gradle Goodness: Using Nested Domain Object Containers
  361. 2016-02-22Interesting links (week 7 2016)
  362. 2016-02-22Gradle Goodness: Create Objects Using DSL With Domain Object Containers
  363. 2016-02-19Ratpacked: Debugging Application Defined Using Groovy DSL In IntelliJ IDEA
  364. 2016-02-18Ratpacked: Running Ratpack In Groovy Console
  365. 2016-02-17Interesting links (week 6 2016)
  366. 2016-02-17Ratpacked: Different Base Directory With Marker File
  367. 2016-02-16Gradle Goodness: Specify Spock As Test Framework At Initialization
  368. 2016-02-15Gradle Goodness: Running Groovy Scripts Using Like From Command Line
  369. 2016-02-12Ratpacked: Customising Renderers With Decorators
  370. 2016-02-11Ratpacked: Using Database As Custom Configuration Source
  371. 2016-02-10Ratpacked: Searching Objects In The Registry
  372. 2016-02-09Grails Goodness: Creating A Runnable Distribution
  373. 2016-02-08Interesting links (week 5 2016)
  374. 2016-02-08Grails Goodness: Saving Server Port In A File
  375. 2016-02-05Grails Goodness: Using Spring Cloud Config Server
  376. 2016-02-04Ratpacked: Getting Multiple Objects With Same Type From Registry
  377. 2016-02-03Ratpacked: Tapping In On A Promise
  378. 2016-02-02Spocklight: Grouping Assertions
  379. 2016-02-01Interesting links (week 4 2016)
  380. 2016-02-01Ratpacked: Add Chains Via Registry
  381. 2016-01-29Ratpacked: Add Common Handlers Via The Registry
  382. 2016-01-27Ratpacked: Execute Handlers Based On Accept Header
  383. 2016-01-26Ratpacked: Implicit Registry Retrieval With InjectionHandler
  384. 2016-01-25Interesting links (week 3 2016)
  385. 2016-01-25Ratpacked: Using Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC) Logging
  386. 2016-01-22Ratpacked: Execute Code On Start and Stop Application Lifecycle Events
  387. 2016-01-21Ratpacked: Respond To Custom MIME Types
  388. 2016-01-20Ratpacked: Register Renderer For A List Of Objects
  389. 2016-01-19Ratpacked: Add Response Time To Response Header
  390. 2016-01-15Ratpacked: Extending GroovyChain DSL
  391. 2016-01-14Ratpacked: Using Names With Regular Expression Tokens
  392. 2016-01-13Ratpacked: Special Routing Of Promise Values Using Predicates
  393. 2016-01-12Change Font Size With Mouse In IntelliJ IDEA
  394. 2016-01-11Grails Goodness: Quickly Create GSP From Controller In IntelliJ IDEA
  395. 2016-01-08Grails Goodness: Go To Related Classes In IntelliJ IDEA
  396. 2016-01-07Grails Goodness: Change Locale With Request Parameter
  397. 2016-01-06Grails Goodness: Enable Hot Reloading For Non-Development Environments
  398. 2016-01-05Ratpacked: Validating Forms
  399. 2015-11-30Ratpacked: Use Command Line Arguments For Configuration
  400. 2015-11-27Ratpacked: Using Regular Expressions For Path Tokens
  401. 2015-11-26Ratpacked: Type Conversion For Path Tokens
  402. 2015-11-25Ratpacked: Using Optional Path Tokens
  403. 2015-11-20Ratpacked: Deploy Application As Docker Container
  404. 2015-11-19Ratpacked: Add Health Checks
  405. 2015-11-18Ratpacked: Apply Configuration To Configurable Module
  406. 2015-11-17Ratpacked: Using PostgreSQL Database
  407. 2015-11-16Ratpacked: Externalized Application Configuration
  408. 2015-11-10Gradle Goodness: Apply External Script With Plugin Configured Through Buildscript
  409. 2015-11-09Grails Goodness: Creating A Runnable Jar
  410. 2015-11-06Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Asciidoctor In Javadoc Comments
  411. 2015-11-04Ratpacked: Log Request Duration
  412. 2015-11-03Ratpacked: Request Logging
  413. 2015-11-02Ratpacked: Start Ratpack With a Random Port Number
  414. 2015-10-30Ratpacked: Change Server Port With Environment Variable
  415. 2015-10-29Gradle Goodness: Setting Global Properties For All Gradle Builds
  416. 2015-10-28Ratpacked: Groovy DSL Code Completion In IntelliJ IDEA
  417. 2015-10-27Gradle Goodness: Download Javadoc Files For Dependencies In IDE
  418. 2015-10-26Ratpacked: Use Asynchronous Logging
  419. 2015-10-23Ratpacked: Start Ratpack With a Random Port Number
  420. 2015-10-22Ratpacked: Default Port Is 5050
  421. 2015-10-21Grails Goodness: Get List Of Application Profiles
  422. 2015-10-20Grails Goodness: Run Gradle Tasks In Grails Interactive Mode
  423. 2015-10-19Grails Goodness: Update Application With Newer Grails Version
  424. 2015-10-16Grails Goodness: Use A Different Logging Configuration File
  425. 2015-10-15Grails Goodness: Change Base Name For External Configuration Files
  426. 2015-10-14Grails Goodness: Use Different External Configuration Files
  427. 2015-10-13Grails Goodness: Using Random Values For Configuration Properties
  428. 2015-10-12Grails Goodness: Using External Configuration Files Per Environment
  429. 2015-10-09Grails Goodness: Defining Spring Beans With doWithSpring Method
  430. 2015-10-08Grails Goodness: Passing System Properties With Gradle
  431. 2015-10-07Grails Goodness: Pass Configuration Values Via Environment Variables
  432. 2015-10-06Grails Goodness: See Information About Plugins
  433. 2015-10-05Spocklight: Mocks And Stubs Returning Sequence of Values
  434. 2015-10-02Groovy Goodness: Turn Method Parameters Into Named Map Arguments With IntelliJ IDEA
  435. 2015-10-01Groovy Goodness: Turn Map Into Class With IntelliJ IDEA
  436. 2015-09-30Spicy Spring: Java System Properties As Configuration Properties With Spring Boot
  437. 2015-09-29Gradle Goodness: Pass Java System Properties To Java Tasks
  438. 2015-09-28Gradle Goodness: Getting More Help For a Task
  439. 2015-09-25Spicy Spring: Setting Configuration Properties Via Environment Variables
  440. 2015-09-24Spicy Spring: Report Applied Auto-configuration Spring Boot
  441. 2015-09-23Groovy Goodness: Defining Public Accessible Constant Fields
  442. 2015-09-23Spicy Spring: Reload Classes Spring Boot With Spring Loaded And Gradle Continuous Build
  443. 2015-09-22Groovy Goodness: IntelliJ IDEA Intentions For String Values
  444. 2015-09-21Groovy Goodness: Exclude Transitive Dependencies With Grape
  445. 2015-09-18Groovy Goodness: See More Info About Downloading With Grape
  446. 2015-09-17Groovy Goodness: Change Directory For Saving Dependencies Grape
  447. 2015-09-16Groovy Goodness: Operator Overloading in Reverse
  448. 2015-09-15Groovy Goodness: Inspect Method Returns Nicely Formatted Object Values
  449. 2015-09-14Groovy Goodness: Removing Elements From a Collection
  450. 2015-09-11Awesome Asciidoctor: Leave Section Titles Out of Table Of Contents
  451. 2015-09-08Spocklight: Only Run Specs Based On Conditions
  452. 2015-09-07Spocklight: Undo Changes in Java System Properties
  453. 2015-09-02Spocklight: Auto Cleanup Resources
  454. 2015-08-31Spocklight: Optimize Run Order Test Methods
  455. 2015-08-28Gradle Goodness: Quickly Open Test Report in IntelliJ IDEA
  456. 2015-08-28Spocklight: Include or Exclude Specifications Based On Class or Interface
  457. 2015-08-28Spocklight: Including or Excluding Specifications Based On Annotations
  458. 2015-08-26Show Logback Configuration Status with Groovy Configuration
  459. 2015-08-25Redirect Logging Output to Standard Error with Logback
  460. 2015-08-25Gradle Goodness: Using Continuous Build Feature
  461. 2015-06-03NextBuild 2015 Conference Report
  462. 2015-05-07Groovy Goodness: Share Data in Concurrent Environment with Dataflow Variables
  463. 2015-05-01Grails Goodness: Custom Data Binding with @DataBinding Annotation
  464. 2015-04-30Grails Goodness: Adding Health Check Indicators
  465. 2015-04-29Grails Goodness: Log Startup Info
  466. 2015-04-28Grails Goodness: Save Application PID in File
  467. 2015-04-27Awesome Asciidoctor: Display Keyboard Shortcuts
  468. 2015-04-24Gradle Goodness: Handle Copying Duplicate Files
  469. 2015-04-23Gradle Goodness: Use Git Commit Id in Build Script
  470. 2015-04-22Awesome Asciidoctor: Adding Custom Content to Head and Footer
  471. 2015-04-21Gradle Goodness: Alter Start Scripts from Application Plugin
  472. 2015-04-20Grails Goodness: Add Some Color to Our Logging
  473. 2015-04-19Spicy Spring: Using @Value for Constructor Arguments
  474. 2015-04-17Grails Goodness: Set Log Level for Grails Artifacts
  475. 2015-04-16Grails Goodness: Add Banner to Grails Application
  476. 2015-04-15Groovy Goodness: Use Closures as Java Lambda Expressions
  477. 2015-04-14Greach 2015 Conference Report
  478. 2015-03-27Groovy Goodness: New Methods to Sort and Remove Duplicates From Collection
  479. 2015-03-25Groovy Goodness: Combine Elements Iterable with Index
  480. 2015-03-24Groovy Goodness: Swapping Elements in a Collection
  481. 2015-03-23Groovy Goodness: Use Constructor as Method Pointer
  482. 2015-03-05Gradle Goodness: Define System Properties in File
  483. 2015-03-05Awesome Asciidoctor: Use Inline Extension DSL with Gradle
  484. 2015-03-04Awesome Asciidoctor: Creating a Checklist
  485. 2015-03-03Awesome Asciidoctor: Change Start Number for Numbered List
  486. 2015-03-02Awesome Asciidoctor: Customize How Missing Attributes Are Handled
  487. 2015-02-20Groovy Goodness: Access XML-RPC API
  488. 2015-02-09Spocklight: Capture and Assert System Output
  489. 2015-01-30Groovy Goodness: Getting the Indices of a Collection
  490. 2015-01-29Groovy Goodness: Pop And Push Items In a List
  491. 2015-01-29Groovy Goodness: Getting All But the Last Element in a Collection with Init Method
  492. 2015-01-27Groovy Goodness: Take Or Drop Last Items From a Collection
  493. 2014-12-24Gradle Goodness: Rename Ant Task Names When Importing Ant Build File
  494. 2014-12-11Awesome Asciidoctor: Nested Delimited Blocks
  495. 2014-12-09Gradle Goodness: Continue Build Even with Failed Tasks
  496. 2014-12-05Gradle Goodness: Skip Building Project Dependencies
  497. 2014-12-04Awesome Asciidoctor: Span Cell over Rows and Columns
  498. 2014-12-03Awesome Asciidoctor: Repeating Cell Contents
  499. 2014-12-02Awesome Asciidoctor: Disable Last Updated Text in Footer
  500. 2014-12-01Grails Goodness: Create New Application without Wrapper
  501. 2014-11-27Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Document Fragments
  502. 2014-11-26Gradle Goodness: Using and Working with Gradle Version
  503. 2014-11-25Gradle Goodness: Using CopySpec with Tasks
  504. 2014-11-24Awesome Asciidoctor: Changing the Grid and Frame of Tables
  505. 2014-11-17Awesome Asciidoctor: Use Asciidoctor Diagram with Gradle
  506. 2014-11-12Awesome Asciidoctor: Styling Columns and Cells in Tables
  507. 2014-11-11Awesome Asciidoctor: Changing Table and Column Width
  508. 2014-11-11Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Asciidoc in Tables
  509. 2014-11-10Awesome Asciidoctor: Table Column and Cell Alignment
  510. 2014-11-07Awesome Asciidoctor: CSV and DSV Tables
  511. 2014-10-22Gradle Goodness: Changing Name of Default Build File
  512. 2014-10-15Groovy Goodness: Closure as a Class
  513. 2014-10-14Spocklight: Indicate Class Under Test with Subject Annotation
  514. 2014-09-30Gradle Goodness: Running Groovy Scripts as Application
  515. 2014-09-19Gradle Goodness: Adding Dependencies Only for Packaging to War
  516. 2014-09-01Awesome Asciidoc: Conditional Directive to Check If Document is On GitHub
  517. 2014-08-29Awesome Asciidoc: Changing the FontAwesome CSS Location
  518. 2014-08-28Awesome Asciidoc: Change URI Scheme for Assets
  519. 2014-08-27Gradle Goodness: Suppress Progress Logging
  520. 2014-08-26Awesome Asciidoc: Adding Line Numbers to Source Code Listings
  521. 2014-08-22Awesome Asciidoc: Changing Highlight.js Theme
  522. 2014-08-21Awesome Asciidoc: Using Comments
  523. 2014-08-20Awesome Asciidoc: Links Without URI Scheme
  524. 2014-08-19Groovy Goodness: Using Layouts with MarkupTemplateEngine
  525. 2014-08-18Gradle Goodness: Getting More Dependency Insight
  526. 2014-08-15Groovy Goodness: Nested Templates with MarkupTemplateEngine
  527. 2014-08-14Groovy Goodness: Use Custom Template Class with MarkupTemplateEngine
  528. 2014-08-13Groovy Goodness: Relax... Groovy Will Parse Your Wicked JSON
  529. 2014-08-12Awesome Asciidoc: Using Conditional Directives
  530. 2014-08-11Awesome Asciidoc: Include Only Certain Lines from Included Files
  531. 2014-08-08Grails Goodness: Using Bintray JCenter as Repository
  532. 2014-08-07Grails Goodness: Conditionally Load Beans in Java Configuration Based on Grails Environment
  533. 2014-08-06Grails Goodness: Use Spring Java Configuration
  534. 2014-07-14Grails Goodness: Using Converter Named Configurations with Default Renderers
  535. 2014-07-11Grails Goodness: Custom Controller Class with Resource Annotation
  536. 2014-07-10Grails Goodness: Change Response Formats in RestfulController
  537. 2014-07-09Grails Goodness: Enable Accept Header for User Agent Requests
  538. 2014-06-26Spocklight: Write Our Own Data Provider
  539. 2014-06-25Spocklight: Assign Multiple Data Variables from Provider
  540. 2014-06-23Spocklight: Ignore Specifications Based On Conditions
  541. 2014-06-19Spocklight: Extra Data Variables for Unroll Description
  542. 2014-06-16Gr8Conf 2014 Europe Conference Report
  543. 2014-05-23Easy Editing ResourceBundle Property Files in IntelliJ IDEA
  544. 2014-05-23Grails Goodness: Run Groovy Scripts in Grails Context
  545. 2014-05-09Groovy Goodness: BaseScript with Abstract Run Script Method
  546. 2014-05-09Groovy Goodness: Use Sortable Annotation to Make Classes Comparable
  547. 2014-05-08Groovy Goodness: @Builder Definition with Extra Type Checks
  548. 2014-05-08Groovy Goodness: Using Builder to Create Fluent API for Other Classes
  549. 2014-05-08Groovy Goodness: Use Builder AST Transformation for Fluent API
  550. 2014-05-08Groovy Goodness: Extra Methods for NIO Path
  551. 2014-05-08Groovy Goodness: More Efficient Tail Recursion With TailRecursive Annotation
  552. 2014-05-06Awesome Asciidoc: Explain Code with Callouts
  553. 2014-05-02Grails Goodness: Using Aliases as Command Shortcuts
  554. 2014-05-01Awesome Asciidoc: Include Partial Parts from Code Samples
  555. 2014-04-25Groovy Goodness: Define Compilation Customizers With Builder Syntax
  556. 2014-04-24Groovy Goodness: Restricting Script Syntax With SecureASTCustomizer
  557. 2014-04-24Groovy Goodness: Customize ToString Creation
  558. 2014-04-17Grails Goodness: Extending IntegrateWith Command
  559. 2014-04-17Grails Goodness: Generate Default .gitignore Or .hgignore File
  560. 2014-04-14Coloring Different Data Sources in IntelliJ IDEA
  561. 2014-04-07Groovy Goodness: Closure as Writable
  562. 2014-04-07Groovy Goodness: GString as Writable
  563. 2014-04-04Groovy Goodness: Converting Byte Array to Hex String
  564. 2014-03-20Grails Goodness: Using Groovy SQL
  565. 2014-03-19Grails Goodness: Using Hibernate Native SQL Queries
  566. 2014-03-18Grails Goodness: Combining Constraints with Shared Constraints
  567. 2014-03-17Change Font Terminal Tool Window in IntelliJ IDEA
  568. 2014-02-11Grails Goodness: Run Forked Tests in IntelliJ IDEA
  569. 2014-02-07Search for Anything with Search Everywhere in IntelliJ IDEA
  570. 2014-02-06Grails Goodness: Customize Root Element Name Collections for XML Marshalling
  571. 2014-02-03Grails Goodness: Cleaning Up
  572. 2013-12-17Grails Goodness: Debugging App in Forked Mode
  573. 2013-12-10Grails Goodness: Using Closures for Select Value Rendering
  574. 2013-12-10Grails Goodness: Rendering Partial RESTful Responses
  575. 2013-11-22Grails Goodness: Register Custom Marshaller Using ObjectMarshallerRegisterer
  576. 2013-11-22Grails Goodness: Include Domain Version Property in JSON and XML Output
  577. 2013-11-22Grails Goodness: Pretty Print XML and JSON Output
  578. 2013-11-21Grails Goodness: Grouping URL Mappings
  579. 2013-11-21Grails Goodness: Create Report of URL Mappings
  580. 2013-11-21Grails Goodness: Get Request Parameters with Default Values
  581. 2013-11-20Grails Goodness: Generating Raw Output with Raw Codec
  582. 2013-11-19Grails Goodness: Customize Resource Mappings
  583. 2013-11-18Grails Goodness: Namespace Support for Controllers
  584. 2013-10-14Grails Goodness: Add Extra Valid Domains and Authorities for URL Validation
  585. 2013-10-12Grails Goodness: Setting Property Values through Configuration
  586. 2013-09-25Spocklight: Using Mock Method Arguments in Response
  587. 2013-09-13Grails Goodness: Unit Testing Render Templates from Controller
  588. 2013-09-06Grails Goodness: Render Binary Output with the File Attribute
  589. 2013-09-05Grails Goodness: Accessing Resources with Resource and ResourceLocator
  590. 2013-08-23Spocklight: Using the Old Method
  591. 2013-08-20Grails Goodness: Set Request Locale in Unit Tests
  592. 2013-08-14Grails Goodness: Using the header Method to Set Response Headers
  593. 2013-06-05Groovy Goodness: Customize Log Variable Name with Log AST Annotations
  594. 2013-06-04Gradle Goodness: Extending DSL
  595. 2013-06-03Groovy Goodness: @DelegatesTo For Type Checking DSL
  596. 2013-05-14Checking Parameters Mock Method Invocation in Spock
  597. 2013-05-03Change return value of mocked or stubbed service based on argument value with Spock
  598. 2013-05-03How to test for an exception with Spock
  599. 2013-04-02Grails Goodness: Using Wrapper for Running Grails Commands Without Grails Installation
  600. 2013-03-14Grails Goodness: Set Property Values of Spring Beans in resources.groovy
  601. 2013-02-08Grails Goodness: Injecting Grails Services into Spring Beans
  602. 2012-12-14Using URL Scheme for Telephone Numbers in HTML
  603. 2012-10-29Gradle Goodness: Distribute Custom Gradle in Our Company
  604. 2012-10-26Groovy Goodness: Pretty Print XML
  605. 2012-10-25Gradle Goodness: Task Output Annotations Create Directory Automatically
  606. 2012-10-24Gradle Goodness: Init Script for Adding Extra Plugins to Existing Projects
  607. 2012-10-23Gradle Goodness: Exclude Transitive Dependency from All Configurations
  608. 2012-10-22Gradle Goodness: Running Java Applications from External Dependency
  609. 2012-10-15Grassroots Groovy: Parse XML with XmlSlurper from Java
  610. 2012-10-11Groovy Goodness: Create a List with Default Values
  611. 2012-10-10Groovy Goodness: Getting the First and Last Element of an Iterable
  612. 2012-10-09Groovy Goodness: Using Groovy for Git Hooks
  613. 2012-10-08Gradle Goodness: Getting Announcements from Gradle Build
  614. 2012-10-04Groovy Goodness: Return Closure From Another Closure or Method
  615. 2012-10-03Groovy Goodness: Using Project Coin Features Also With Older Java Versions
  616. 2012-10-02Groovy Goodness: Drop or Take Elements with Condition
  617. 2012-09-26Groovy Goodness: Using Implicit call() Method
  618. 2012-09-25Groovy Goodness: Boolean Implications
  619. 2012-09-21Gradle Goodness: Customize IDEA Project File Generation
  620. 2012-09-20Google Guava Goodness: Converting Between ASCII Case Conventions
  621. 2012-09-19Google Guava Goodness: Joining Collection Elements
  622. 2012-09-18Gradle Goodness: Using Objects for Version
  623. 2012-09-18Google Guava Goodness: Matching All Elements in a Collection

Rob Brinkman9

  1. 2021-10-28Implementing a REST API for Object Detection with KotlinDL and KTor
  2. 2020-10-31Implementing a https enabled redirect service using Firebase
  3. 2018-10-01Micronaut Mastery: Configuration of a Kotlin based Micronaut application
  4. 2017-10-06Implementing architectural fitness functions using Gradle, JUnit and code-assert
  5. 2016-10-31Exploring the Vert.x MQTT server project
  6. 2016-10-07Het ontstaan van de passie voor het moderne maken
  7. 2015-03-06Building Vert.x projects using Gradle
  8. 2013-11-27Suggested Parleys Watchlist for Devoxx 2013
  9. 2012-09-20Quick Tip: Installing and switching Grails versions on OS X using Homebrew

Emil van Galen19

  1. 2016-10-04AngularConnect 2016 conference report episode 1
  2. 2016-04-07Grasping AngularJS 1.5 directive bindings by learning from Angular 2
  3. 2016-02-14Using `$q.defer()` in AngularJS? Try the $q 'constructor' instead.
  4. 2015-02-11ngImprovedTesting 0.3: improved ModuleBuilder with lots of bug fixes
  5. 2014-11-27ngImprovedTesting 0.2: adding $q.tick() to improve testing promises
  6. 2014-10-30ngEurope: about AngularJS 1.3, new router and the future 2.0
  7. 2014-07-21ngImprovedTesting: mock testing for AngularJS made easy
  8. 2014-03-17Joy of Coding... and mutation testing in Java
  9. 2013-12-17Integrating Karma 0.10 tests in Maven with Sonar(Cube) test coverage
  10. 2013-09-24Understanding and fixing AngularJS directive rendering and parsing
  11. 2013-08-13Integrating Karma 0.8 tests in Maven with Sonar(Cube) test coverage
  12. 2013-05-21Integrating Karma (Testacular) test runner in WebStorm 6 / IDEA 12
  13. 2013-05-12Easy installation of Karma (Testacular) test runner on Windows
  14. 2013-03-19Quickly experiment with AngularJS (and Jasmine) using these Plunks
  15. 2013-03-16How to create (singleton) AngularJS services in 4 different ways
  16. 2012-11-13Safe-guarding AngularJS scopes with ECMAScript 5 "Strict Mode"
  17. 2012-10-29Adding custom HTML attributes to your AngularJS web app
  18. 2012-10-05AngularJS made me stop hiding from JavaScript
  19. 2012-09-20To Roo or not to Roo...

Willem Cheizoo29

  1. 2021-04-21How to merge git repositories preserving git history
  2. 2021-04-09Spicy Spring: Splitting Configuration and make Properties immutable
  3. 2019-07-29Effectively use Mapstruct and Lombok's builder
  4. 2019-04-16Immutable classes with Spring Boot, Lombok and Jackson
  5. 2017-02-21Release NPM package with git-flow
  6. 2017-02-20PlantUML Pleasantness: Create diagrams from NPM and Typedoc
  7. 2016-12-15Make Git files executable
  8. 2016-11-30Handling YAML format in your REST with Spring Boot
  9. 2016-10-27Devoxx4Kids: Technologie is cool
  10. 2016-10-14Integrate Angular in Spring Boot with Gradle
  11. 2016-08-29Spring Batch and Feign OAuth2 RequestInterceptor
  12. 2016-07-13IntelliJ IDEA: 2016.2 font ligatures
  13. 2016-06-29Spicy Spring: Customize error JSON response with ErrorAttributes
  14. 2016-06-27Spicy Spring: Creating a Fully Executable Jar
  15. 2016-06-23Generic Code Formatting with EditorConfig example
  16. 2016-06-17Spicy Spring: Write your own AutoConfiguration
  17. 2016-06-17Spicy Spring: Inject your custom method argument in Spring MVC using HandlerMethodArgumentResolver
  18. 2016-02-04Use Spring classpath Resource as Tuckey UrlRewriteFilter configuration
  19. 2015-09-04Spicy Spring: Create your own ResourceLoader
  20. 2015-04-16Spicy Spring : Dynamically create your own BeanDefinition
  21. 2015-03-26Construct a typed Array via List.toArray() with correct size
  22. 2015-03-23Spicy Spring : Different ways of Autowiring
  23. 2015-03-12Nifty JUnit : Using Rule on Method and Class level
  24. 2015-03-10Using Spring managed Bean in non-managed object
  25. 2015-03-09Nifty JUnit : Working with temporary files
  26. 2015-03-05Prevent 'No plugin found' in multi-module maven
  27. 2013-04-26Nifty JUnit : How to test for an exception
  28. 2012-12-17Compare JAR files content; decompiling class files
  29. 2012-10-04Spring Tip: Check for existence of Bean during startup

Pim Dorrestijn1

  1. 2013-10-07Detect Maven Dependency Mediation

Robbert van Waveren6

  1. 2019-10-15Exploring the new Spring Security OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect support part 2
  2. 2019-10-10Exploring the new Spring Security OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect support part 1
  3. 2015-01-19Stateless Spring Security Part 3: JWT + Social Authentication
  4. 2014-10-06Stateless Spring Security Part 2: Stateless Authentication
  5. 2014-10-06Stateless Spring Security Part 1: Stateless CSRF protection
  6. 2014-04-17An exploration on locking and atomicity in Redis

Tammo Sminia32

  1. 2023-02-09Either vs Exceptions
  2. 2022-10-19Juggling with ZIO runtimes
  3. 2022-10-12Exceptions in ZIO
  4. 2022-08-17Building an API with ZIO and Caliban
  5. 2022-05-08How to get an ActorContext from Akka testKit
  6. 2022-04-08Sangria input defaults for value classes
  7. 2022-03-25Akka Serverless
  8. 2021-11-15Value class in Sangria
  9. 2021-10-31Use sed to fill a path variable in a config file
  10. 2021-10-15Markov movie critic - part 4 - classifier
  11. 2021-10-13Markov movie critic - part 3 - learning
  12. 2021-10-11Markov movie critic - part 2 - tokenization
  13. 2021-10-07Value of tests
  14. 2016-11-30Events in Polymer
  15. 2016-11-13AI movie critic - part 1 - Reading the training data
  16. 2016-10-06Making a simple stubserver with Drakov
  17. 2016-09-04"this" in javascript
  18. 2016-01-17Throttling in Akka and Spray
  19. 2015-11-18Iterating over a Map in Scala
  20. 2015-10-28Chaining Options
  21. 2015-10-16JSON parsing in Scala
  22. 2015-10-14Keystore without a password
  23. 2015-08-06Load testing our robots API with Gatling
  24. 2015-08-06Options with flatMap
  25. 2015-07-12Building a REST client with Spray
  26. 2015-05-16Validating input in Spray
  27. 2015-04-22Time libraries in Scala
  28. 2015-04-06Alternating between Spray-servlet and Spray-can
  29. 2015-03-25Building a war with spray-servlet
  30. 2015-03-15Chaining futures in Scala
  31. 2015-03-15Building a rest API with spray
  32. 2015-03-04Akka and scalatest in gradle

Ties van de Ven17

  1. 2022-10-28Kotlin's context with receivers
  2. 2022-10-17The problem with Functional Programming
  3. 2022-10-11Pattern matching in Java 19
  4. 2022-04-13Smart constructors in Kotlin
  5. 2022-04-12Optics in Kotlin with Arrow
  6. 2021-10-19Sealed classes in Java 101
  7. 2021-10-04Single return vs Multiple returns
  8. 2021-01-23Running GradleRunner tests in IntelliJ
  9. 2020-10-15Kotlin and Spring validation
  10. 2020-10-12Beginners guide to lambdas
  11. 2019-10-21Don't pass null to a function
  12. 2019-10-14Java streams vs for loop
  13. 2018-10-26Java's difficulties with Functional Programming
  14. 2018-10-11Get your application version with Spring Boot
  15. 2017-10-056 Steps to help you debug your application
  16. 2015-10-07How to write bug free code - State
  17. 2015-03-06Integration testing on REST urls with Spring Boot

Bas W. Knopper2

  1. 2021-10-29Why I miss developing software
  2. 2016-02-17JFokus Conference: A Presentation to Remember

Jeroen Resoort4

  1. 2016-10-21Running SonarCube on your laptop using Docker
  2. 2016-06-02Building your own self refreshing cache in Java EE
  3. 2016-04-22Mission to Mars follow up
  4. 2016-02-02The (non)sense of caching

Martijn van der Wijst3

  1. 2018-05-04JSHeroes 2018 Conference Report
  2. 2017-10-09Fronteers conf '17
  3. 2016-05-25Experiences at Google IO 2016

Riccardo Lippolis8

  1. 2022-10-03Overloading the Primary Constructor in Kotlin for Java Interoperability
  2. 2021-07-22Propagating the Spring SecurityContext to your Kotlin Coroutines
  3. 2020-10-14Filter a Kotlin Map to get non-null values only
  4. 2019-10-18Converting Char to Int in Kotlin
  5. 2019-10-17Kotlin method reference to companion object function
  6. 2019-10-07Heapcon 2019
  7. 2017-11-05Slim modular Java 9 runtime Docker image with Alpine Linux
  8. 2016-09-02Securing your application landscape with Spring Cloud Security - Part 1

Auke Speksnijder1

  1. 2017-04-14Simplify your Protractor tests using Generator functions

Michel Breevoort4

  1. 2022-10-26OpenAPI: Different API versions with Springdoc
  2. 2021-10-27Elasticsearch: blazing fast products per category
  3. 2020-10-26Spring WebFlux : reactor meltdown - slow responses
  4. 2017-04-11Spicy Spring : Scheduler does not shutdown

Erik Pronk10

  1. 2023-03-02SBOM: Insights into dependencies and vulnerabilities
  2. 2022-12-21Weighing Developer Experience
  3. 2022-10-31Inclusive Software Architecture
  4. 2021-10-01Quantum software engineering
  5. 2021-06-24How tech culture can contribute to growth
  6. 2021-03-11How tech culture can contribute to quality
  7. 2020-10-01How to stay connected during disconnected times
  8. 2019-10-09Machine Learning Systems require paradigm shift in Software Engineering
  9. 2018-10-25Infrastructure Automation on Google Cloud Platform
  10. 2017-10-04JavaOne verslag: De Keynote

Tom de Vroomen8

  1. 2022-07-02Running Oracle XE with TestContainers on Apple Silicon
  2. 2022-07-01Running Oracle XE on Apple Silicon
  3. 2021-06-18Configure Hikari Connection Pool when using AWS RDS IAM
  4. 2020-10-09Using WireMock in an async environment
  5. 2019-11-27Prevent ResponseEntity being generated as OpenAPI model
  6. 2018-10-12TestContainers project can make your (integration) test life easier
  7. 2018-10-03Using QueryDSL annotation processor with Gradle and IntelliJ IDEA
  8. 2017-10-25Maven: How to connect with Nexus using HTTPS

Mathijs de Groot2

  1. 2017-10-10Run one or Exclude one test with Gradle
  2. 2017-10-09Run one or Exclude one test with Maven

Sander Smeman3

  1. 2018-10-29Reduce the code to noise ratio of maven POMs
  2. 2018-10-15Easily build your own tech radar
  3. 2018-10-04Combining Spock and JUnit 5 tests

Jasper Bogers12

  1. 2022-10-24A day in the life of DevOps
  2. 2022-10-06Insecure by default with OWASP DependencyCheck
  3. 2020-10-08Misconceptions about Scrum by the book
  4. 2020-06-05Problematic archetypes of a tech lead
  5. 2020-03-20So many meetings in Scrum!
  6. 2020-02-24Look to learn and don't think in ink
  7. 2020-02-21Agile rewrite of an existing system
  8. 2019-10-11Cultivating technical innovation in daily operation
  9. 2019-08-23Automation and Measurement as first class citizens in your sprint backlog
  10. 2018-12-21Should we spike or should we change how we do product backlog refinement?
  11. 2018-10-31Compliance as code using Ansible
  12. 2018-10-10Shift left thinking applied to the full software delivery cycle

Patrick Ooteman1

  1. 2018-10-30Setup React + Typescript + Storybook all using the same SCSS

Sjoerd Valk1

  1. 2018-10-05Start your next web-application in the browser with CodeSandbox

Jurjen Vorhauer2

  1. 2020-10-21Spring Web Frameworks Compared
  2. 2019-06-20Typisch Types: Verfijnde types

Justus Brugman15

  1. 2022-10-27Another Git Oopsie
  2. 2022-03-23Fault Tolerance in Quarkus
  3. 2021-10-25Integration testing in Quarkus
  4. 2021-05-24Create a Docker image running Robot Framework
  5. 2021-03-26Videoconferencing Part III
  6. 2021-03-20Videoconferencing Part II
  7. 2021-03-15Videoconferencing Part I
  8. 2020-12-05iTerm2
  9. 2020-10-28Introduction to OData
  10. 2020-05-22Building a Magic Mirror
  11. 2020-02-08Pragmatic explanation of Monads, the ‘short short version’
  12. 2019-10-16Customising form validation in Javalin using Valiktor
  13. 2019-07-19Let's Play!
  14. 2019-07-02Containerization: Is it the solution that solves your DevOps issues?
  15. 2019-06-07Microservices: A workshop by Sam Newman

Chiel van de Steeg5

  1. 2022-11-29Generic Derivation - a comparison
  2. 2022-10-22How to: Generic Derivation
  3. 2019-11-11Using ZIO's Ref to ensure a singleton in the Environment
  4. 2019-10-30Functional dependency injection in Scala using ZIO environments
  5. 2019-10-28A simple integration test using Scala and ZIO

Deniz Turan4

  1. 2021-10-22A Developers Toolbox: part 3
  2. 2021-10-21A Developers Toolbox: part 2
  3. 2021-10-20A Developers Toolbox: part 1
  4. 2020-10-27Automating hosting RevealJS slides on GitLab

Kees Nederkoorn5

  1. 2022-10-18Why you should stop making Breadcrumbs
  2. 2022-10-04Why you should NOT use Hexagonal architecture
  3. 2021-08-30Zero Trust for developers
  4. 2020-10-23Why passwords are done wrong
  5. 2020-10-19Git: rebase vs. merge

Johan Kragt1

  1. 2020-10-31Game Development in Java

Niels van Nieuwenburg6

  1. 2022-06-075 ways to improve your cyber security now - Software Developer edition
  2. 2020-11-27How to hack a box - Privilege Escalation
  3. 2020-11-13How to hack a box - Enumeration
  4. 2020-11-06How to hack a box - Gaining Access
  5. 2020-10-30How to hack a box - Exploration
  6. 2020-10-29How to hack a box - Introduction

Casper Rooker4

  1. 2022-10-20Dealing With Git Oopsies
  2. 2022-10-13A Sense Of Reactive Streams
  3. 2022-10-07K8s cluster on Apple Silicon
  4. 2020-10-07Minikube on LAN

Thomas de Groot3

  1. 2021-10-14Practical intro to Java LTS upgrade (11 to 17)
  2. 2021-03-24Running AWS locally with LocalStack
  3. 2020-10-22Using AWS API Gateway as an proxy

Jorrit van der Ven3

  1. 2022-10-27Test JPQL queries from inside IntelliJ
  2. 2022-10-14Add schema documentation to your OpenAPI spec with Quarkus
  3. 2021-10-08Generate Swagger UI from Spring REST Docs

Jacob van Lingen5

  1. 2022-10-25Of wizards and functional magic
  2. 2022-07-16Creating slides like a boss
  3. 2022-03-29Let's talk functions
  4. 2021-12-31Generate INSERT queries by a SELECT query
  5. 2021-11-30Presentation anxiety

Alexander Chatzizacharias2

  1. 2022-12-08How to change your C# class template in Visual Studio 2022 to use the new file scoped namespaces
  2. 2022-04-15Setting up Azure Devops Pipelines for your Kotlin projects

Reggie Ebendal1

  1. 2023-02-01Building a Stub Server using WireMock and Spring Boot

Ronald Koster1

  1. 2023-03-21Hexagonal vs Layers Architecture